The Stories

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Note: MA stories are those with any sort of mature content and/or potential "squick" material. [ie. extreme violence, non-con, etc.]


  • "One But Two" by liza .. Finding comfort in normalcy, two are made stronger by becoming one.
  • PG-13

  • "A Second Chance?" by Jennifer .. Kerry makes a decision. Is it too late? Contains spoilers for most of Season 8, specifically for "A River in Egypt" and "Damage is Done."
  • "First Kiss" by jojo305 .. What might have happened during that first lunch at Kerry's. Contains spoilers for "I'll Be Home for Christmas." Warning: Warm fuzzy alert!
  • Gravity by femvamp Warning: character death
  • "Insurrection: The Other Side" by jlynnsca .. What was going through Kerry's mind during Season 9's ep "Insurrection" - with a twist.
  • Like This by femvamp .. Sandy's thoughts on the aftermath of "A Little Help From My Friends." Contains spoilers for "A Little Help From My Friends."
  • Maybe Not Tonight by femvamp .. A possible aftermath to the events of "A Little Help From My Friends."
  • Meeting the Family by Celeste .. Kerry and Sandy take a trip to visit Sandy's parents.
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  • Pieces by angelfish .. Kerry finally has something to be happy about. Her and Sandy are together. But there is still something missing. Kerry needs to find her birth mother. Takes place some time after "Bygones."
  • R

  • An F&I Exclusive Story Home by A. Magiluna Stormwriter .. An episode addition to that wonderful scene in "Bygones," from Sandy's POV. Contains spoilers for "Bygones."
  • Kerry and Sandy and Kim, Oh My! by Wordsmith .. A delightful AU romp involving Kerry, her current girlfriend Sandy, and her ex-girlfriend Kim. Oh my! Definite spoilers for "Bygones."
  • What's Yet To Come by Erin .. A possible aftermath to "Bygones."

  • NC-17

  • An F&I Exclusive Story A Matter Of... Series by Shatterpath .. Kerry has moved on and is discovering things about herself and Sandy, as well as a familiar face. (written before 'River in Egypt'!)
  • A Matter of Perspective
  • A Matter of Clarity
  • A Matter of Understanding
  • MA