A Matter of Clarity

by Shatterpath

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Additional Summary Notes: I'm not entirely certain who or what grabbed Abs by the short and curlies, but DAMN, this is some wild ride.

Author's Notes: My apologies to the Kim fans, but I'm a recent convert to the wonder that is Kerry and I know Sandy better. Not to mention I like the wild streak I see in her. Oh, and I have a delightful fascination with what lies behind the tortured facades of Abby and Kerry in particular.

Sequel to: A Matter of Perspective

This was insane.

Deliciously, wonderfully insane.

But still insane.

Sprawled out in the back of a filthy Chicago taxicab in the middle of what amounted to a freak spring blizzard, bodily pinning my boss to the vinyl seat while kissing her senseless. Definitely insane. But god, she felt good. There was no sanity, no rhyme or reason to the fire behind my eyes, scorching down my spine, setting body and soul aflame. I couldn't remember ever wanting something so damn bad in my life. Pliable and willing, moaning low and soft and sexy, Kerry squirmed under my greater weight while Sandy egged us on. Oh, I knew my firefighter pal was saying something, but damned if I could make out any actual words. Only when the kiss had grown intense enough to give off the faint warning taste of copper did I finally pull back. In a million years, in the steamiest fantasy, I would have never pictured irascible Doctor Weaver like this. The streetlamps flashed over her features, soft and wanting, across her eyes, desperate and dilated. That small, strong body of hers pressed into me, breast to breast, hip to hip. Hope the cabbie didn't recognize any of us...

The rumblings of the aging vehicle settled into lazy idle in counterpoint to my heartrate screaming in urgency through my veins. Sandy's laughter died when I flashed that intensity at her in a steaming glance. She'd let this animal loose and damn well better stay the hell out of its way. By the look of shock, there was a good chance I'd said that out loud. Hauling Kerry roughly from the vehicle, my eyes met the startled cabby's in the side mirror. There was veiled envy in his eyes and my feral grin told him exactly what was going to happen to the little redhead tonight. That jaded fella was gonna have some wild fantasies tonight! Or call the police. That sobering and humorous thought stopped in my tracks. Literally. Only Kerry's soft, warm weight against my back snapped me from the trance.

"Are you okay?"

Was I?

What the hell was I doing? Yeah, this was typical of me, running hot and cold. Both of them were looking at me with worry and expectation gleaming in their gazes. Groaning in self-disgust, I stepped away to slump down to a flight of stairs nearby. They sat on either side of my huddled body, offering silent support. "Just need to catch my breath," I murmured and felt Kerry's hand on my shoulder. Even through gloves and coat and cold, her warmth bled through. So I turned my head enough to meet her night-dark eyes. "A little overwhelmed. You bring out my wild side, and calm me at the same time. Don't like losing control. But I like it with you. Maybe too much."

Fractured as the sentences were, Kerry understood. With broken feline grace, she twisted to lay her head in my lap and relax in the night cold. That left me to face Sandy. I was surprised by the warm seriousness I found there. "Sorry to push your buttons," she whispered softly and I suddenly found myself smiling. One bare hand stroked deep into the copper hair on my thighs while the other gripped Sandy's knee tight.

"Sometimes a good, solid push can get you moving."

There were times that I missed the solace of alcohol. Standing uncomfortably in Kerry's foyer, I knew that this was one of those times. The two of them talked quietly to one another, leaving me time to mentally regroup and I was grateful for the reprieve. It was a lovely home, warm and simple. Once they had wandered off to the kitchen, I stripped off my coat and investigated the living room. There were signposts of the life Kerry had led outside of the ER. It was fascinating to see the glimpses into the woman behind the doctor.

"So now what," I whispered to myself. Hopefully the old clich of talking to yourself wasn't true. A squealing giggle from the kitchen whipped my head around. Sounded like fun...

Quite the mouth-watering sight greeted me in the cheerful kitchen. Kerry was pinned up against the counter by Sandy's strong body, getting a physical examination the likes of which we _didn't_ perform at County General. Like a beast in a too-small cage, my libido woke and rattled my bones with its struggles to be free. Only my death grip on the door frame kept me from collapsing. Both of their eyes were suddenly on me, dilated and hot. "Go get `er," Sandy urged softly and stepped away from her girlfriend. Like a moon pulled into orbit by gravity, Kerry turned to me, took a hesitant step. Some banal corner of my brain that kept me functioning under duress noticed that the crutch was gone. After two and a half some years, I never even consciously noticed the thing anymore, unless it was missing. I was across the room and looking for it before I realized what I was doing. After an urgent moment, I finally spotted it on the counter, immeasurably relieved to know where it was and met Kerry's puzzled gaze. Her hands were hot on my biceps where she balanced lightly. An awkward quirk ghosted across my face as I tried to explain.

"Had to know where it was. Habit, I guess." A twist of her copper head and Kerry saw what I was referring to. A semi-disgusted smile laced with resignation was her only reply. "None of us want you hurt and it's an easy accommodation to make. Really." Her continued look of amused disbelief stirred up a need to prove to her that what I said was true. A glance at Sandy made the Hispanic woman grin and shrug.

"Hey, I agree with you, but changing that one's mind is like trying to push a building over bare handed."

Now Kerry looked almost pleased with herself. "Stubborn," I muttered and moved before I could over-analyze too much. In one quick move, I had crouched and yanked Kerry's small frame across my shoulders. While I had never used the famous `fireman's carry' due to my own fairly diminutive stature, I knew how it worked and had rightly assumed that I could manage her slight weight. Sandy burst out into roaring laughter as I straightened up and adjusted to the bulk across my shoulders. "Bedroom?"

"Down the hall to the right," Sandy choked out through her amusement and followed when I strode from the kitchen. "Damn girl, even I haven't pulled that move. Nice one!" Kerry clung to me, face buried in my side, skin burning. The feral grin on my face wouldn't go away. It was a big bed with the bedding half-heartedly pulled straight. With an expert heave I wouldn't have given myself credit for, Kerry was sprawled on the mattress. Her girlish giggling made me chuckle in empathy and straddle her splayed legs. An old, well-buried curiosity brought my head down to press my lips to the small hollow at the base of her throat. A nip brought her moans up a notch and the game was in full swing. There would be time enough later for analyzing. Now I wanted to taste and smell her, feel her breathe, hear her moan and scream.

"She's got you good, Spitfire," Sandy purred in a voice all smoke and whisky. "Gonna ride you hard and put you away wet and tired. Abs here is gonna find your dark side and wrestle it down until you scream for mercy."

Fighting the urge to make a smart-assed comment, I bit down on a shy clavicle hard enough to leave tiny teeth marks. Sandy had set me up for a tall order, no pun intended, but obviously trusted the needy beast in my eyes. If day-to-day me wasn't capable, then that creature becoming me was certainly up to the task. Growling like a bitch in heat, I dug fingers into the purple shirt I had seen wrapped loosely around Kerry's body many times. Muscles strained, voices gasped in shock, fabric tore with a pained shriek and buttons pinged against my chest and belly. There was no turning back now.

Kerry's stammered shock turned into a squeal when I dug hard fingers into the soft underside of her bra-covered breasts and bit down on a camouflaged nipple. My fractured, lizard-brain attention was torn between keeping her hands at bay and getting rid of all the damn clothes! I had never hated something as normal as fabric the way I did in those heated moments. Kerry tasted of sweat and heat and perversely, a faint chemical tang that made me think of work. Annoyed with that thought, I marked her, hard. Left suction bruised like stars on her creamy skin, tiny bite marks like flags left by an explorer in unmapped territory. Soft flesh, hard bone, skin baby soft and callused by turns. A steady stream of animal noises from this woman I had thought so cold and aloof ran like water over my skin, rang in harmony with my pounding heart. I knew her anatomy by default, but was fascinated by the uniqueness of her. Like a million snowflakes in a blizzard, each being the same yet intrinsically different. Kerry was every woman, every shameful fantasy that had played through my mind as I had taken male lovers over the years. It had never been those boys that had made me wet, made me crazy and shameless and attentive and demanding like I was now. In her curves, her soft scent, the salty tang of her sweat, the slick of her woman desire, I felt a homecoming. When Kerry's back arched and her muscles clamped down on my hand, her stuttered cries made me sob in empathy, my body to shudder in time with the earthquake inside her.

Trembling in shock and exhaustion, I slumped across Kerry's shaking body and cried. Every nerve ending was on fire, emotions crashed through me like tsunamis. "Damn," was all Kerry could whisper, her hand gentle in my hair and on my back. It was then that I realized that I was still fully dressed in my usual scrubs and t-shirt. The perverse hilarity of the situation bubbled up inside me, culminating in laughter that was almost hysterical in its intensity. It felt so damn good that I just stayed sprawled on Kerry's warmth and let it pour out of me, washing away pain and embarrassment and self-consciousness. By the time that storm passed, I was wrung out, chuckles still rattling my frame.

"God that felt good," I murmured into Kerry's throat and wearily raised my head. "I can't remember the last time I really laughed." Kerry was soft-eyed and empathetic, raising those competent doctor's hands to wipe away the tears on my cheeks. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." That pink blush was adorable and my grin turned feral again. Sandy's chuckle drew both our gazes over. Crap, I had completely forgotten she was there!

"That was amazing. You two okay?" Totally nonchalant, she sat beside us and pushed caressing fingers into my hair. That simple touch on my scalp made me moan from the sensual pleasure. There was a touch at my wrist, something warm and wet and soft wrapped around the fingers that had so recently been buried deep in Kerry's warmth. Shocked by the sensation, I watched the redhead suckle at my fingers, eyes closed and expression soft. Holy crap... no one had ever done this... and the sensation was electric. Wide-eyed with shock, I stared at the gentle push and pull of her delicate facial muscles, felt my nerves sing opera at the play of her tongue across my sensitive fingers...

A squirm and a low moan accompanied the press of Kerry's body against me, the strong thigh that rose between mine. Groaning, I clamped my legs around hers and felt my hips begin to rock. Sandy kept skritching my head, the other hand massaging my neck, shivers racing up and down my spine. Quite overwhelmed by the feelings, my head dropped to the back of my hand and I could feel the tendons flexing lightly from Kerry's suction. Her breath brushed over my knuckles, drafted across my face, mixed with my own panting. Whimpering, she continued to suckle while lightly stroking my back and sides. Hooking my fingers around her bottom teeth, I pulled her head firmly to the side and earned a high-pitched whine of need.

"That's my girl," Sandy chuckled hotly. "A submissive pussycat in bed. Take her Abs, make her do whatever you need. She likes it."

Really? I asked silently as I tucked my mouth up under her ear and sucked at her skin. God, she tasted good... "You like it?" I growled in a tone so low my skull vibrated with it. Kerry whimpered again and her hips jerked against mine. Yikes! Nearly saw stars from that one. Timidly, my inner nurse warned not to attack her neck too enthusiastically or the hickies would be really hard to explain at work. "Pin you down and demand whatever I want from you?" The whining hit a fever pitch and I tightened my grip around her jaw. It was so weird to have this strong woman in the palm of my hand and I knew I could never take advantage of that. After a quick nip to the tight tendons behind Kerry's ear, I rolled to the side and pulled my hand from her seductive mouth. "Undress me," I growled. When she hesitated only fractionally, I saw Sandy's hand move and Kerry squealed shortly.

"Go on," Sandy reiterated in an almost threatening tone. Lusty and incoherent, Kerry tugged at my t-shirt with visibly trembling hands. It would have been comical to see her so out of control in a different context. Now it was just hot. Eyes pure green around her dilated pupils, flushed from hairline to hairline, Kerry was gorgeous. It took some struggling for her to get my clothes removed, for I didn't help her much. The struggle deepened the desire wracking her small frame. Why did it not surprise me that she really wanted to work for it? The woman never did anything the easy way. As my lightweight pants slid away from my legs, Kerry hesitated and flashed those wide eyes between Sandy and I. A quick glance at my pal confirmed that she was still game for this and I pinned Kerry with a serious look.

"Come here," I demanded, and whimpering softly, Kerry crawled to me, crazed with lust. For a long minute I just looked at her, our bodies close enough for our heat to mingle and let her stew in her own juices. Then I raised myself onto an elbow and reached out to run my fingers through that striking hair. The gentle caress turned into a hard handful that had her flat on her back, crying out as I pinned her to the mattress beside Sandy's still body. The flush deepened, her nipples stood out hard and needy, knees raised, desperate for relief from the ache inside. "No such luck," I chuckled and shared a mischievous look with Sandy. "Shall we?"

"Oh, hell yes."

There was a part of me that knew that we were being just plain evil. But the sounds Kerry made when we mutually attacked her was well worth it. Pinned by the crown of her head, arms trapped by our bodies, Kerry could do nothing but ride out the sensations flash-firing through her nerves. Cheeks brushing, Sandy and I suckled at her flesh until she was a patchwork quilt of rose and cream. A silent `may I?' earned a nod, and we moved enough for Kerry to breathe more easily. Not for long though. All this foreplay was making me crazy and I was shaking as I straddled her head. Glazed and unfocused, Kerry stared up at me and recognition made her whimper. "Do it," I ground out harshly through gritted teeth and leaned over to grab double handfuls of the quilt. Damn good thing too, as that talented tongue slithered through the ache between my legs and her hot breath teased across my groin. "Yessss," hissed from between my teeth as the flood built up within and lightning flashed white against my retinas. This was going to be a good one. The pull of Kerry's mouth and the moaning vibrations into my flesh undid me. Like just the right thread on a sweater, the tugging unraveled me, left me limp and helpless. Slumping onto Sandy's shoulder, I found the strength to unwind my fingers from the wrinkled quilt to grab Kerry's hair and pull her away from me. That was the only way to keep her from pushing me too far and short-circuiting my hyper-sensitive nerve endings. "Good God," I panted into Sandy's side and she chuckled.

"Nice of you to come by, Abs."

We laughed as I settled my weight lightly on Kerry's chest and ignored her for the time being. "Think the Spitfire has enough left in her to finish you off?" I asked conversationally and Kerry whimpered.

"Maybe," Sandy replied, just as nonchalantly. "Guess I should find out, huh?"

"I'll hold her down."


I shifted down to straddle Kerry's thrusting hips and pinned her arms to her sides with hands and knees. Sandy stripped off her pants and overshirt before taking up the space I had only just vacated. "You up for some more, lover?"

"Y... yes, please, San, please," Kerry whined desperately. It was hot to watch Kerry's jaw working hard between Sandy's tight glutes, and listen to the dark woman murmur her pleasure. Not to mention the squirming body between my legs. It only took a couple of minutes for the orgasm to break across Sandy and I wish I could have seen her face. Hot and bothered again, and feeling bad for torturing Kerry as long as we had, I gave Sandy a gentle push. The moment she levered herself off Kerry, I slid down the good doctor's legs and dove in. All the years I had listened to Kerry's voice in all its tones and volumes hadn't prepared me for the animal scream that shattered the warm air of the bedroom. I'd never tasted anything like this before, knew I'd want to do it again, and again, and again...

She was butter soft within the crooked thrusting of her hips. Pinning her in the crossbars of my forearms, I went after her like a starving woman, determined to bring her to sweet completion. All the anatomical knowledge in my head came in handy as the hard contractions ripped through Kerry's thrashing body. It was incredibly empowering to bring such pleasure to this woman and I pushed her farther into madness. The second wave was a silent scream that left her rigid and straining in my grip. Kerry would be lucky if she had a voice at all after this. So I gentled, only lightly caressing the inflamed tissues with lips and tongue. Whimpering and crying, Kerry gripped my hair like a woman afraid of drowning, twisted and arched like a happy cat in sunshine and let me lead. With forearms still locked tight around her rolling hips, I clamped both hands around her wrists and wished desperately for a cooling touch between my legs. Instead, I concentrated on bringing Kerry to total abandonment once more, coaxing her up that incline step by delicious step. My tongue wandered over the soft pad of perineum, ducked down the smooth cavern of her vagina, tugged at the swollen labia and kinky brunette hairs before returning to her rigid clitoris. This was entirely too much fun and I amused myself by naming the body parts as I lavished attention on them. Moaning, begging and cursing, Kerry followed my lead, trusting me with her body and sanity. Hard shakes rattled her body, her voice was hoarse and broken, her skin damp with sweat. A long, low growl that made my throat hurt was the final push that solidified every muscle and made her cry.

Only then did I raise my head. Pressing her limp hands to my face, I kissed each palm and rested quietly on her belly. Even from this far away, I could hear her heart pounding. Sandy was murmuring softly in Spanish to call Kerry back to herself. I was wiped out and satisfied with my wild evening. Darkness closed around me like a warm blanket, lulled by the beat of Kerry's heart.

To be continued?