What's Yet To Come - Part Two

by Erin

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Sequel to: What's Yet To Come - Part One

*Damn! Okay so I didn't quite make to the station as early as I'd like. Maybe I can just sneak in.*

Sandy left her apartment late. She needed time to comprehend things. One minute Kerry was in her life, the next she was gone, and now she's back again. There was so much they didn't know about each other. There was so much she wanted to know before she gave that stupid ultimatum. It's a miracle that Kerry was speaking to her now.

*Second chances like this just don't happen to a girl like me.*

There was something about Kerry. There was this thing that she'd never encountered in a woman before. Most women she'd dated were completely out, they were daring, most weren't as professional. In fact, she couldn't even think of one that she didn't meet outside of a bar, well not counting the first time college roommate. Kerry just had this way about her.

*She's so tough on the outside. People crumble in her glare. But none of them take the time to see the inside of her. If she loses her image she is nothing. She is the one that crumbles. For some reason I don't think she's let down that guard too often. I think there's so much more to her than she'd ever let someone know.*

Kerry, Kerry, all she could think about was Kerry. The way her voice became that much sexier when it was low with arousal. The way she smelled before and after their lovemaking. The way she screamed out, letting down all the reserve she worked so hard maintain in the light of others.

Sandy wasn't even aware when she was in the station house surrounded by men. But they noticed how spacey she was.

"Yo lieutenant hot date last night?"

The sound of a man's voice interrupted her thoughts.


"You're sittin around staring into space. Like there's something there that we're not seeing."

"I guess you could say that."

"So who's the lucky woman?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"You know it chica." The tall Latino man flashed her a toothy smile. "Come on. We practically live together, we risk our lives together, we know everything about each other."

*Damn, man's got a point. What am I supposed to tell him when I'm not exactly sure what's going on myself? Well I guess there's no use in denying anything.*

With a sigh she asked "Do you remember Kerry?"

"Hmm doctor, redhead, walks with a crutch...cute?"

"That would be her."

"Didn't things go bad with her?"

"Yeah, yeah they did. But I have a feeling that it's gonna work out this time. I hope it works out this time."

"Then whatever happened in the past is gone. The future is all that matters."

"I know. At least I do now. Thanks for the chat."


The alarm sprung Sandy and the men surrounding her into action. An apartment building was on fire. Another day of risks and saves had begun.

The fire was bad. Adding to it was the fact it was in a poor neighborhood. The building couldn't possibly meet the standard building code. There was only one visible fire escape. Many of the people had been able to get out, but those on the upper floors weren't so lucky.

Sandy gave out the orders before entering the building herself. In her area it wasn't a matter of the flames, but the massive amount of smoke that filled the air. After searching a bit she came across a frantic man. She gave him her oxygen for a brief moment and then began leading the way too the window. There was a sound of exploding glass. The man, being larger than Sandy, grabbed her oxygen mask in panic. She struggled to get it back from him, but couldn't. She tried not to inhale, but eventually it was inevitable. The fire was advancing and she knew it as the heat was increasing.

I have to get out of here!

Her head was becoming more heavy as she coughed into the never-ending smoke.

"Hey guys over here!" She heard a man's voice yell. Soon she felt arms around her.

"It's gonna be okay Lieutenant. We'll be out of here in no time."

"Come on let's go!"

The voices were just a blur around her, but as he promised they were soon out. Paramedics quickly stripped her of her outer clothing, strapped her to a gurney, and placed an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth.

"Come on, stay awake. Talk to me."

"What'd you want to know," Sandy asked in nearly a whisper and saying that, she passed out.

Carter and Kerry were standing outside. They had got a call saying there was a fire. Most of the victims coming in were suffering from smoke inhalation and mild burns. The major patients were already at Mercy. There was an awkward silence between the two. It seems there was an awkward silence between her and everybody these days. It was like they all knew this....thing about her for once in her career there at County and nobody wanted to approach her about it, well except Frank and Romano. The sirens were getting louder and it wasn't too long before the site of the ambulance relieved them of standing around.

Doris was the first out, pulling the gurney down.

"Okay here we have one-"

"Sandy!" Kerry interrupted, voice full of fear at the site of her girlfriend with an oxygen mask and eyes closed.

"You two know each other?" Doris questioned.

"Umm yeah, we're involved." Kerry said quietly.

John glanced from Doris, to Sandy, to Kerry and then spoke, "Okay I'll take this one."

"John I can handle it."

"Kerry, you know the rules. I'll let you stay with her, but you are not working on her. Now Doris please give me the bullet."

Carter gave her a look to let her know that he was completely serious and Doris spoke up as they rolled Sandy into trauma three. "Okay, 36 year old female with smoke inhalation. Brief LOC in the ambulance, but she's just resting now. We're running her on oxygen and a liter of saline to start out. No other visible injuries. Resps are a little on the low side, could be worse. BP's 110/70."

"Okay, on my count. One, two, three, lift."

Doris retrieved her gurney and left the room.

Kerry could only sit back as Abby and Carter went to work on Sandy. It was true, at the moment she was just resting her eyes. She opened them and stared wordlessly at Kerry, trying to concentrate on her breathing. John ordered an ABG, blood gas, a CBC, and an order to make sure she was monitored carefully. Though in his mind he didn't think he'd have to worry about the last part. Sandy was moved to curtain area one where Kerry sat holding her hand.


"Don't try and speak, just rest."


Kerry moved closer to prevent Sandy from trying to take off the oxygen mask to be heard.

"I guess I know where we stand now," Sandy stated with a small smile.

"Yeah. I did want to talk to you about how I felt, but seeing as how you couldn't stay away from me." Both women smiled despite the seriousness of the incident. "You know not too long ago I would've denied knowing you in any personal way. I would've just said that you've come through the ER before and I've treated you."

"Well what made it different this time?"

"You. I saw you with your eyes closed, oxygen mask, IV....I was scared because seeing you hurt is one of my biggest fears. I didn't care what people thought, I didn't care enough to even say we're just friends. I almost fought with Carter to treat you, but I don't know how I would've stayed composed if anything went really wrong."

"Well I'm glad that didn't come up."

"Me too. God Sandy I love you."

"I love you too Kerry."

Not caring that they were confessing their love for each other in the middle of the ER, Frank was overhearing this whole conversation and making it well known.

"Damn lesbians. I don't understand why they just don't keep their private life where it belongs, in private."

Abby, Chuny, and Haleh shot him dirty looks, but did not attempt to shut him up. So on he babbled.

"I mean it's against god's will. I've told her she's going to hell for it but she just won't listen. It doesn't surprise me really. I always did think she was funny if ya know what I mean. But I didn't think she'd bring it in and flaunt what she does around here. It's not natural."

The nurses just stood and stared at him with nervous looks on their faces. He was oblivious to the fact that Kerry was walking up behind him, just as aware as his words as he was of hers.

"Hey Frank, you know what else isn't natural? My crutch up your ass which is what's gonna happen if you don't shut up!"

"Dr. Weaver I am not going to hide my dislike for your so called lifestyle. You bring it to work with you everyday."

"No Frank I don't. There are heterosexual couples around here all the time. I'm sure not one of those nurses over there could say they haven't seen or engaged in some type of heterosexual activity regardless of what it was. Kissing, hugging, hand holding, drooling; I know they've done it. Me on the other hand has worked here for years. In that time if I had any type of relationship, gay or straight, has always tried to keep it behind closed doors. I lost a woman I loved because of that. Sandy kissed me in the ER. Guess what? I'm the one that asked her out in this very building. Now I'm sooooo sorry if you think it's disgusting that I am worried about someone I love, a woman, because she was brought in here today with something potentially life threatening. If Sandy happened to be Sam you wouldn't think any less of me. I'm gay. Get over it!"

She was going to stop. Really she was. Everyone around was just standing there, staring with mouths hanging open. But Frank still had the nerve to speak.

"Are you done yet?"

That seemed to just seemed to set her off even more. All the pent up anger she had for Frank just seemed to spill out.

"No I'm not! You know what else? I don't like coming in here to see you stuffing your face. I don't like that you've run background checks and actually gotten patients arrested. I think it's one of the most unprofessional things to do in this career. Want me to be even more honest? Well I don't care if you do or not because I'm going to. Every day I come in here and know you're working I shudder. I make the schedules and I'm here far too much to just avoid you. Though if I had it my way I'd have Randi here every day. You know she's an ex con. I'm sure you knew that and I'm sure you hate her too. But she's far more professional, more organized, more easy to get a long with, and certainly more easy on the eyes than you! The only reason I haven't fired you yet is because you haven't given me good enough reason and we were understaffed. Please take note of the word were. Jerry's back, one of the finer desk clerks we've had and you keep pushing your limits. If I hear one more homophobic comment from you, or even hear from someone else that you've been saying things, you're out of here. Don't think I'm joking. I can do it. It's not like Chen who got her job back. You won't. Read my lips: we don't need you."

Frank shut up and stared at her a long with everybody else. Haleh was the first to speak.

"You go girlfriend!"

The nurses sprang to life chatting with each other, saying miscellanies things to Kerry (all positive), and scowling at Frank who looked defeated. Kerry slipped away to go back to Sandy when she ran into Romano. He opened his mouth to speak but she cut him off before he got the words out.

"I swear if you say one more thing about a pride parade I'll hit you with this crutch."

"Now now Kerry, is that a threat? You could get in trouble for that."

"Yeah well you've done a lot more that could get you in trouble. I'm not just talking sexual harassment and homophobic comments. Really Robert, when did the ER become a vet hospital?"

He tried to hide his shock and then almost delight in her feistiness.

"I don't know what's gotten into your Dr. Weaver, but I almost think I like it. Carry on."

Kerry sighed and walked back to Sandy who was being talked to by Carter. Her concern level shot up and John noticed immediately.

"Relax Kerry, I was just telling Sandy that she could leave. Normally I'd keep her here overnight, off oxygen just to monitor her condition, but I trust you'll bring her straight back if you notice any set back."

"Of course."

Kerry thanked John with her eyes. She knew this was a stretch. Technically Sandy should be in the hospital, but it wasn't serious. And he was right. If Sandy was having any troubles Kerry would have cops chasing her and finally arresting her when she got there, because she wouldn't wait for an ambulance and she wouldn't stop.

She gathered up a weary Sandy and drove them back to her own home. More medical supplies just in case. She tried to convince Sandy to eat something, but she only wanted to sleep. It was too late to talk about things at the moment. Kerry agreed, once she was sure Sandy was comfortable she crept downstairs and dialed a number.

"Yes hello?....I won't be in until tomorrow afternoon.....personal business....you really have to know?....That's what I thought."

She hung up and went back upstairs to find Sandy fast asleep. She crawled into bed next to her and pulled her into the classic spoon position. She thought briefly to last night's nervousness and pushed them aside. Today was a new day so different from the last and despite minor problems, so very much better.