What's Yet To Come - Part One

by Erin

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What happened yesterday? Yesterday it was all a blur, but a coherent one at most. The fear that held her captive then was still with her now. She could have lost Sandy. She did once, just like she lost Kim. She was too blind to see that being "out" really wasn't as bad as she thought. It was no worse at work than it used to be. And she could've sworn she heard the nurses referring to her and Sandy as "hot". But that wasn't the issue now. She went to find Sandy, full of fear of rejection, but knowing she'd at least be able to confirm that she was okay. What happened after that was so much more than she dreamed of.


Hands roamed over her skin. She'd missed the aggressive, yet gentle touch of her lover. She was not like Kim. She did the comparison once and never again would she. Sandy was so different in every way. Kim was of the past. Sandy nearly was too.

"Oh my god!"

"No Ker, I'm not god. But I'm close enough."

Sandy flashed her a smile as she continued to work her magic with her lips. She entered Kerry with three fingers but did not stop her erotic assault with her tongue. Kerry, in response, tossed her head from side to side groaning more with each thrust.

"I...can't...oooohhh....god...I can't take much more!"

"Then let it go baby. Come for me."

And she did. With a final scream she came. When she recovered from it all she moved to touch Sandy who only pulled her into her arms. Probably from all that had went down during the day, and from the alcohol in her system, she fell fast asleep. Kerry on the other hand was left awake.

End flashback

Yes she may have eventually fallen asleep for a few hours, but it didn't last.

*What if it was just the alcohol? That had to be it. She didn't come on to you. You did to her. She was in a bar most likely picking up chicks. Who knows what she did in there. You wouldn't leave her alone. You can't drive. What kind of excuse is that? You never stopped caring about her and you know it. But how can you expect her to just take you back that like. That's not what happens to you. She was drunk. You know it. She's going to wake up and see you and flip out. She's going to stumble around her words just like that first night with Kim. She's going to think it's all a mistake. Now why are you still here to face her with that?*

Wiping a few tears from her eyes Kerry slowly, so not to disturb her, untangled herself from Sandy's body. The place was a mess. Her clothes were everywhere. It took a little searching but she found everything she arrived with...except her crutch. Where was her crutch?

"Are you looking for this?"

A soft voice floated through the air. Kerry slowly looked up to see Sandy standing there in the nude holding her crutch. She wanted to look her in the eyes, but she couldn't. So she looked at the floor, a pile of Sandy's clothes.

"Kerry I guess you didn't look at the clock. I go to the station house early, you know the whole fearless leader thing? Why were you runnin out on me?"

Kerry yet again diverted her eyes, it was too late though, Sandy saw a lone tear fall from her face. She walked over and put her arms around her.

"Kerry, come on, you gotta talk to me here."

She led her to her couch and sat her down. For a brief moment Sandy disappeared but then returned wearing a black bathrobe. She sat down next to Kerry and waited for her to speak. When she got no response she spoke herself.

"Kerry I'm not accusing you of anything. It just doesn't look too good that it's 6:00 and you're trying to sneak out the door."

Kerry remained silent for a moment before speaking, and when she did it was in a barely audible whisper.

"I didn't want to wake up and face you because I don't regret what I did last night. But just because I don't regret it doesn't mean I can't stop the feelings that come with it. You were drunk. I didn't want to wake up and have you realize you slept with me, but that's all it was to you, sex. It was more than that to me...." Her voice trailed off.

She can't honestly think that can she? Sandy thought as she took Kerry's hands in her own.

"Chica, I was a little less drunk than you thought I was. In fact I was a lot less drunk than you thought I was. I was a little hyped up over the save. The adrenaline rush is what comes with the job. I went out to the bar to work some of it off. I had a beer and that was it. I've had a bad encounter with a drunk driver and I made a vow to myself that I would never do the same to others as that man put me through. Kerry I loved you, I do love you. I was well aware of what went on last night. I was hoping you weren't regretting it myself. I'm glad to see you're not."

Sandy opened her arms to Kerry who in return fell into them gratefully. She tried everything she could, but the tears were falling anyway.

"Oh come on Ker. It's okay. I have a few radical methods and I'm sorry about them. I realized even though I could put on a tough girl act on the surface, I was kicking myself more than you can imagine because I lost you. I was surprised to see you last night, but I'm glad you were there. Right now is far too early to be discussing these things. Do you have to work today?"

Kerry nodded into her chest. "Until eight," was the muffled verbal response.

"Okay. Umm do you wanna have dinner or something afterward? I'll choose the place this time. We could talk things out, make some sense of this."

For the first time Kerry looked into Sandy's dark brown eyes, full of concern. "I'd love to."

"Umm do you wanna meet somewhere or somethin?"

"You can just come by the ER if you'd like." She nearly laughed at the look on Sandy's face. "Try not to look so shocked. You and I both agree you did me a favor. I'm out. I'm still a little weary, but that can't change if I continue to hide now can it?"

"You've got a point there. Okay I have to go to work or else I'll never hear the end of what I could've been doing last night that's making me late. And you think the ER is bad! At least you have women that can almost sympathize....at the station house...I really am one of the guys!"

Kerry giggled but suddenly went quiet. This worried Sandy just a little bit.

"Is something still wrong?"


The smile was then gone from Sandy's face as well.

"What's wrong?"

"Well. I want to kiss you, but I don't know where we stand. And I don't want to rush into anything too-" Her words were cut off by Sandy's lips on hers, just as passionate as she remembered.

"Kerry, you never have to ask," she replied, voice low with what Kerry thought to be arousal.

"Okay then...I'll just let myself out."

And she did. The moment she got outside the building she stopped dead on the sidewalk.

"Please let things work out for once."

The prayer was silent and short, but she meant every word.