First Kiss

by jojo305

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"Here Kerry where do you want this?" Sandy indicates the grocery bag she's carrying. "I still want to know how we went from you buying me lunch to a bag full of groceries." She laughs as she puts the bag down on the counter Kerry points to dropping her coat on a stool next to her.

"Well you are the one that said 'no sushi', and 'I don't like Indian', so guess what? We are doing healthy, veggie subs and a fruit plate. Now shut your trap and get over here and help me."

Laughing. "Yes ma'am, Dr Weaver ma'am." Sandy stands next to the doctor snapping off a quick salute. "I am at your command."

"Here you can set up the fruit plate," handing her a platter from a cupboard beside her, "and then set the table. Ah. there's some white wine in the fridge if you would like some." Suddenly shy Kerry averts her eyes as she realizes that Sandy is still standing close beside her, watching with quiet intensity. Her smile is gone now replaced with a look that Kerry had only seen once before in the ER lounge many months before. Sandy's pupils are dilated, her nostrils slightly flared. Kerry is frozen in time, half leaning against her counter, and half leaning towards the fire fighter.

Sandy feels the heat from the doctor's body. She feels the indecision emanating from the both of them. From that moment on the street when she knocked the doctor out of harms way, she envisioned wrapping her arms around her again but instead of in fear, to hold her in the heat of passion. Kerry was everything Sandy was looking for in a girlfriend. Strong, intelligent, beautiful and yes willful. This is a woman that won't take any shit off you Sandy.

Kerry is intrigued.

"Kerry," very softly as Sandy moves infinitely closer to her date but not touching. "You said I could have anything. I'm holding you to that promise" Her eyes lightly sweep over Kerry's face stopping on her lips. Lips that have suddenly gone dry on a very parched mouth.

"What," comes out in small squeak. Clearing her throat Kerry trys again. "I said.."

Sandy starts again, moving her body sideways to stand in front of Kerry blocking any chance of retreat. "You said I could have anything. I've decided I want my desert first. Hummm" She watches through half closed lids as Kerry's tongue darts out to lick her dry lips. She reaches out to take the bread knife from Kerry's hand placing it on the counter. Her fingers lightly brush over the palm as they slide unheeded up her arm coming to rest on the older woman's shoulder. With her free hand she strokes her thumb over those same lips that her eyes have been focused on. With Kerry's quick intake of breath, she raises her eyes to look deeply into the hazel orbs melting into her soul.

Kerry's breathing, uneven and laboured before slows as she allows the magnetism of the woman before her to draw her in. She slowly turns fully into the younger woman, hardly acknowledging the counter she is using to support her rubbery legs. Her right hand unencumbered from its usual grip on her crutch reaches for Sandy's cheek. The back of her knuckles lightly brushing the skin before her hand becomes buried in the rich, thick chestnut coloured hair. Her left hand reaches for the fire fighters side, clutching at the belt encircling her slender waist.

It's Sandy's turn to gasp at Kerry's first touch. She leans forward as her feet feel rooted to the floor. Her right hand moves up into a mirror image of Kerry's. The last few inches of space are closed as those two hands pull together in a well-rehearsed dance. Kerry's eyes close as she feels the soft flutter of a breath before the soft richness of Sandy's lips touch her's.

The embrace at first is loose as both woman relax against each other enjoying that initial moment when you wonder if this is right and recognizing it is.

Kerry is the first to open her mouth and suck lightly on Sandy's lower lip drawing it slowly between her own, running her tongue lightly over the bottom and then the top. At Sandy's groan Kerry pulls her tightly against her body any pretense of subtly gone. She crushes their mouths together, lips nipping and sucking, tongues entwined.

Sandy pushes harder against Kerry, grinding her hips against her as she tries to get closer. Her hand, which was lightly resting on Kerry's arm, now reaches behind her back splayed upon her hip as her other is wrapped up in soft red hair. There is no room for light between them as the kiss slowly winds down, the inability to breathe over-coming their first stirrings of lust.

They part slightly, brown eyes trying to focus on hazel. "Wow," are the first words uttered from Kerry's swollen lips, running the tip of her tongue over them.

Sandy is grinning as she echoes the sentiment and touches her fingers lightly to Kerry's face. "Hey Dr Weaver, do you think after lunch I might get a second desert?"

Kerry rests her head on Sandy's shoulder to hide her blush. "Yeah Lt. Lopez, I think that might be arranged."