A collection of quotes from Laura Innes, Lisa Vidal and various media sources


"The day of the kiss I thought I'd be nervous but I woke up cool as a cucumber. I got to the set and got such a kick out of all the guys asking when's the kiss gonna happen 'cause they have to be there for it. Laura and I were cracking up and having a blast. During rehearsal, to break the ice I just came right out and kissed her. I said, 'Give me them lips, honey.' So it was great. It was an awesome scene and the moment was just terrific! "
-- Lisa Vidal on her first onscreen kiss with Laura Innes, Lesbian News, March 2002

"This is what Kerry's drawn to and needs now, because this person is so incredibly direct," Innes says. "That was the point of introducing this character [Lopez], who was in a way the opposite of her. Lopez is like, 'Cut the crap, let’s figure this out.' "

As for actor Vidal, who also stars on the Lifetime series The Division, Innes describes her as "a total pro and a very joyful person. She's great. She's smart; she communicates; she's a beautiful girl. She has a couple of kids too, and we talk about our kids a lot. It's like, we kiss, and then we’ll say, 'So what school are your kids going to?' "
-- Laura Innes on Lisa Vidal and Sandy Lopez, The Advocate, October 2002

Q: How did you land the part on "ER"?

A: They just called me up. They offered me the role and asked if I was interested in doing it. It's not everyday that ("ER" producer) John Wells calls up a girl and says, `Hey, do you want to do this?' I thought it was a really interesting role. And they were willing to work around my role on "The Division." They've really been great about that.
-- Lisa Vidal on her role as Sandy Lopez, The Boston Herald, February 2002

Lisa Vidal says she's "incredibly blessed" to be playing two strong women in uniform on TV: a cop on Lifetime's The Division, which launches its second season January 6, and a lesbian firefighter on NBC's ER. "I'm gone in the morning and back late. My kids [Scott, 8, and Max, 3] don't love it. But my husband [Jay Cohen, who's in real estate] isn't complaining. He sees those checks rolling in," Vidal says. Coming up: Her first screen kiss with ER's Dr. Weaver (Laura Innes). "That was a whole new experience for me," she says. "Every man on the set showed up to watch that kiss. Men are so funny! Laura and I lost count how many takes it took. She's a great kisser."
-- Lisa Vidal "Kiss and Tell", TV Guide, January 2002

Perhaps you are familiar with the multifaceted talents of Lisa Vidal from her two seasons on Third Watch or her first season on The Division. If not, surely after watching her performance as out and proud firefighter Sandy Lopez on ER, you will become a fan. Her ability to bring nuance to each role is a testament to her capability as an actor.
-- Lesbian News, March 2002


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