Project #1 - “The Courtship”

Timeline: Missing scenes between “I’ll Be Home Before Christmas” and “Beyond Repair”
Contributors: Mangababe, Piney, Peanut41, 42olives, JoeyJo & Nyackgirl
Total number of scenes: 8
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters of Kerry Weaver and Sandy Lopez belong to NBC, Constant C Productions, Amblin Entertainment and Warner Brothers Television. We only lovingly borrowed them for a while. No attempt is made to profit from them.

Scene 1

Ice Fishing - by Mangababe

As she turned the key in the lock of her front door, Kerry Weaver turned to face her lunch date.

"So," Kerry drew the syllable out for emphasis, "no Sushi and no Indian, are you averse to Thai?"

"Thai food sounds great," was the response she got back from her date, Lt. Sandy Lopez, the only female firefighter in Company B of the 38.

Weaver opened her front door and motioned for Lopez to walk in ahead of her. Following Sandy in, she closed the door and shrugged her coat off, dropping it on the back of the couch.

"Perfect…my favorite Thai place is right around the corner…they deliver in 15 minutes. Is there anything you don’t eat…such as red meat or dairy?" Kerry asked as a matter of courtesy.

"I’m not picky about protein…and the spicier the better," replied the beautiful latina standing in the middle of Kerry’s living room.

"That makes things easy," the ER doc says with a crook of her eyebrow, "they make great Larb, and the Green Curry Chicken is to die for."

"Sounds like lunch to me, Dr. Weaver," Sandy says, removing her coat and plopping down on the couch.

Kerry phoned in their order and joined Sandy on the living room couch. They took a stab at small talk until the food came. When the doorbell rang, Weaver bounded off the couch to get the door, handing a small wad of bills to the delivery boy in exchange for several bags of Thai food. She motioned for Sandy to follow her…and they settled down at the kitchen table to eat lunch. In between mouthfuls of food, they continued to trade questions and answers…all of a trivial nature.

This was virgin territory for the ER doc, she had never actually asked a woman out for a date, until Sandy, that is. She was smitten with the gorgeous latina from the moment she was thrown to the pavement in the middle of a rainstorm. Talk about interesting ways of picking people up. Imagine the faces of her co-workers if they were to ask, "So, how did the two of you meet?" and she answered, "Well, she saved me from being electrocuted." Not that Kerry was likely to have that conversation with anyone at work, anytime soon. One step at a time, Weaver, she said to herself.

As their plates became progressively emptier, the conversation seemed a bit less forced, and the butterflies in the redhead’s stomach seemed to be content being fed copious amounts of Green Curry Chicken. Kerry couldn’t stop gazing at the beautiful smile across the table from her. Sandy noticed this and as the blush crept up into her face, she decided to steer the conversation away from generalities and toward the obvious. "So, now that we’ve done lunch…when do we go ice fishing?" she said with a smirk.

"uh…" Kerry could only manage single syllables until her brain engaged, " maybe, we should try a movie next, then we can go ice fishing."

"Where did that idea come from any way?", Sandy asked with a wide grin.

"um…" the ER doc was having a distinct difficulty with forming complex sentences. Being in the presence of such a gorgeous woman was making coherent thought nearly impossible. "I think it was my nervousness and the fact that it was the first thing to cross my mind," she admitted shyly. She could feel her face heating up as she blushed furiously….Kerry dropped her head and studied the remains of her lunch.

"Nervousness? You sure didn’t seem nervous when you were bossing me around out there in the rain!" exclaimed her thoroughly surprised lunch date.

"Well," Kerry replied, "that was me as Chief of Emergency Medicine. Familiar territory. This - she gestures with her hand between the two of them – is me being awed in the presence of such a beautiful, strong woman."

"Dr. Weaver…keep that up and you may never make it back to work today," the feisty latina said in a seductive voice.

Clearly flustered by the implication….Kerry stammered her response, "ah, work…it.. it is… getting rather late, Romano will be stomping around wondering where I disappeared to."

"Yeah, I should return to the station, I’m on ‘til midnight." Sandy replied, looking at her watch, "Can I walk you back to the hospital?"

"I’d like that," Weaver answered in a tone somewhat near her normal voice. For the first time in what seemed like forever, she looked directly into Sandy’s dark brown eyes and smiled.

They put the dishes in the sink, the leftovers in the fridge, and gathered their coats for the walk back to the ER. Once out the door, the two women strolled comfortably together…the initial shock of the new worn off after the completion of their first shared meal. As they neared their destination, the latina turned to her companion and asked, "So, Kerry, I’m off duty Friday night, would you like to go see a movie? Maybe have dinner?"

Kerry couldn’t believe her good luck…she was definitely on base. "I’d love to, Sandy."


Scene 2

The Dinner Dateby Piney

Sandy wraps her scarf more tightly around her neck and turns her back on the cold wind coming off the lake. She hunches in her long pea coat and stares down the sidewalk toward the Bryn Mawr el station where she expects Kerry to appear at any moment. Couples hurry past her into Francesca’s, the Italian restaurant where she and Kerry have a 7 p.m. reservation. Warm air envelopes her as it escapes from the open door of the restored apartment building in the heart of the historic district. Longing to be out of the cold and into the warm—Sandy shivers with the possibility of the evening.

Kerry is hurrying against the cold and the clock with her distinctive gait—purposeful and undeterred. Sandy checks her watch when she spots Kerry at a distance. Seven minutes to seven. “I like a girl who’s on time,” she says aloud. She walks quickly to meet Kerry half way down the block. They share a single smile and hurry together against the cold with Sandy shielding Kerry from the wind.

They shed their coats and hats in the Mediterranean warmth of the large room to the sound of soft music and clinking glasses as a nearby table gives a lively toast. Sandy speaks briefly with the Maitre d’ who leads them through the crowd of diners to a quiet corner table in a smaller partitioned space. Kerry gazes at the old brick, curved beams and dark wood of the trattoria décor while Sandy sneaks a wink at the Maitre d’. Someday she will tell Kerry about her niece’s best friend and how their first romantic dinner had been so carefully planned. Settled in now to their linen and candle-lit table they each look shyly at the other. “This is really nice Sandy, you made a good choice.”

“You said you liked Italian, I heard this was a good place.” Sandy pretends to be nonchalant about the evening she has planned in detail and anticipated all day. The waiter brings a small plate and places it in the center of the table. “With our complements, Bruschette prosciutto,” she says, leaving behind one confused diner and two small menus. Kerry’s eyes grow big at the sight of warm food.

“I am starving!” Kerry says, trying to be polite through a mouthful of the irresistible appetizer (garlic toast, with prosciutto, tomato, basil and mozzarella). “I never had a chance to eat lunch, ummmm this is good.”

“Were you busy today?” Sandy asks but doesn’t listen very closely for the answer. She watches Kerry recount her day but barely hears her speak the words. She watches Kerry’s eyes express the emotions of the day and notes again, as she does each time she sees Kerry, how very beautiful the woman is.

“…and then the entire marching band comes in with food poisoning!” Kerry finishes with a laugh just as the waiter returns for their order.

“Oh I’m sorry,” Sandy says, as she hurries to find the menu somewhere on the table. “I guess we will need a few more minutes.” The waiter twinkles a smile and promises to return in time. Kerry and Sandy exchange a small embarrassed smile and begin to study the menu. The restaurant is growing louder with couples and bar patrons making each table more private in the din.

Kerry picks the wine—a ’97 Fiddlehead Pinot Noir, from the Willamette Valley. Shortly the salads arrive and the two women settle into their food and wine. “This is so very easy,” Kerry thinks to herself. Sandy is answering her question about last week’s fire but Kerry only sees Sandy’s lips moving. She is careful not to look too long before looking away to her food or the richly appointed room. She knows when she looks too long into Sandy’s eyes she can’t look away until a full blush has overtaken her. She is thankful she knows Sandy is a competent and respected fire fighter and leader. Otherwise this compelling attraction would take her dangerously into the unknown.

“That really was close. Whew, we about lost that guy.” Sandy finished and looked up to see Kerry staring at her admiringly. Sandy recognizes that look as her own from just a few minutes ago and drops her view with a chuckle into the last of her salad, saving Kerry from blushing yet again.

“Linguine Sugo di Scampi (sautéed in spicy cherry tomato sauce with scampi, scallops, garlic and olive oil) for you.” The waiter puts a large colorful plate down in front of Sandy. “And for you, Linguine al Salmone (sautéed with light tomato cream sauce, salmon, wild mushrooms, garlic and herbs).” Kerry pours another glass of the luscious red wine for each of them finishing off the bottle. The first glass of wine has found its way through the last of the inhibitions left between the two new friends.

While they slowly savor the taste of their fine food they talk about their families: Kerry’s adoption and search for her mother so in contrast to Sandy’s big loving family; Sandy talks of her early years on the force and how she won over the men in her division; Kerry tells Sandy about her marriage and why she chose medicine. The second glass of wine disappears and Kerry no longer blushes while holding Sandy’s eyes.

“May I bring you dessert this evening?” The waiter surprises them both. “Gosh, I am so full.” Kerry says lamenting that there is ever a limit on a night like this.

“We could share a little something.” Sandy raises her eyebrows at the end to invite Kerry into further indulgence. Kerry smiles and shakes her head no but it is clear to Sandy she is saying “yes and I must be nuts.” They share the Crème Brulee placed between them. They eat each small bite in silence--feeling as well as tasting the sweet custard in their mouths. It is a pleasant silence. A comfortable companionship. A wonderful ease.

“You know today is the Winter Solstice.” Sandy says; implying there is a reason for her statement.

“Yeah, we had some celebrants in today. One of them cut their foot trying to chop up wood for a bonfire.” Kerry answers putting down her spoon in the empty dish.

“Well one of my men is on watch for a bonfire planned at the lakefront tonight. Would you like to walk over with me to check it out? It will give me a chance to walk off my wine before I drive us home. I mean you home and then me home.” Kerry laughs at Sandy’s careful wording. A walk in the cold night air sounded good after hours in the warm stuffiness of the restaurant and the very rich meal. Sandy grabs the check without too much complaint from Kerry and hands the Maitre d’ a good tip on the way out.

“I think I can see it from here!” Sandy is buttoning her coat hurriedly against the still surprising cold. The wine and the warmth of the restaurant had lulled the two into complacency about the Chicago winter. Sandy wraps her scarf twice around her neck and resists the temptation to take Kerry’s hand as they make their way across the street against a flashing light. “That thing is huge!” Sandy exclaims, safely on the other side. “There’s our truck. Well at least those people are warm.” Kerry looks up to see the bonfire and a large group of people less than half as tall as the fire itself dancing around the flames with abandon.

“It seems like a nice tradition.” Kerry says through a shiver. “Shortest day of the year and everyday gets longer from here, but I think I prefer celebrating the Summer Solstice. Much warmer and less clothing.”

“What? You didn’t” Sandy looks at Kerry incredulously still smiling widely.

“Yeah, in college,” Kerry says with feigned embarrassment. “But we weren’t in town we were out on a farm and it was very warm…in fact no clothes were needed at all.” Kerry laughed knowing her story would be well received.

“Why Dr. Weaver! You are full of surprises.” Sandy gave Kerry a squeeze which took on more meaning than was first intended. It was, however, a true expression of affection and Kerry was visibly moved in the dim light of the street.

“It is TOO cold out here. I’ve seen enough how about you?” Sandy says, as she prances to stay warm. Kerry is too cold to answer and starts shivering uncontrollably. “My car is this way.” Sandy takes Kerry’s arm and leads her off down a side street to Sandy’s red Toyota. The car warms up quickly but the two are still frozen to the bone when they arrive at Kerry’s house.

“Do you want to come in?” Kerry can barely get the words out but just because of the chill.

“I have a nine o’clock shift” Sandy hesitates. “I better get home.” She isn’t very convincing even to herself.

“I’ve got hot tea. You could come in to get warm before you start home.” Kerry says, leaving Sandy room to decline. Sandy thinks for just a moment and pops out of the car. “Let’s go! I’m freezing!”

The house is warm. Kerry lights the gas fireplace before putting on the kettle. Sandy stands as close as she can to the flames and thinks of making a joke about taking off their clothes in front of this fire and dancing around but decides against it. She looks around the room and sees in the furnishings the same woman who saved the mother and baby that night in the rain. Solid, organized, warm, deep, caring. Sandy is alone with her thoughts for the first time in hours. “This is a good room,” She muses, “I could spend time here. I could spend a lot of time with Kerry.” Sandy is a woman of action and believes it is good to know what you want.

“Herb, green or black tea, Sandy?” Kerry calls from the kitchen.

“Whatever you are having is fine.” Sandy sits on the couch facing the fire and is joined by Kerry bringing two cups of green tea. It is almost too warm to drink but it is sweet and warms the two thawing women all the way down as they drink in silence. It was a full night. The soft light in the room and reflected firelight give both women a glow as they sit sideways facing one another.

“I had a really good time tonight.” Kerry looks down at the couch and then up at Sandy with only her eyes to deliver the sincere message.

“Me too, Kerry.” Sandy feels herself stirring.

“I am a pretty decent cook, maybe I could make a meal here one night.” Kerry watches the firelight flicker across Sandy’s smooth cheek and sparkle in her eyes where Kerry becomes nearly lost.

“That sounds good.” Sandy says evenly trying to suppress her desire to stay the night knowing if she stays on this couch much longer there will be no decision to make. Sandy sees the look in Kerry’s eyes and gets up quickly. Kerry follows Sandy to the door in confusion. Sandy has her coat on and scarf in hand by the time Kerry reaches the door.

“Is everything all right?” Kerry looks almost hurt and surely doesn’t understand.

“Oh yeah! Everything is very all right.” Sandy softens to ease Kerry’s concern.

She turns away from the door to face Kerry; her eyes closely focused on Kerry’s mouth. “I have to go Dr. Weaver.” Sandy flashes the desire in her eyes for Kerry to understand and starts to turn away. “Wait Sandy.” Kerry reaches for Sandy and pulls her easily to her lips. Sandy kisses Kerry fully, softly and a little deeply for a first kiss, now that she is freed to enjoy a moment if not a night. Kerry too has withheld her desire and now lets her feelings flow through her mouth to Sandy’s heart. Sandy eases off Kerry’s lips slowly placing her hand on Kerry’s cheek. “I have Christmas Eve off how about you?” Sandy says in a near whisper still taming her desire.


“Do you want to get together?”


“Call me.”

“Yes, Yes I will.” Kerry is overwhelmed and lets Sandy make the decisions for now. Sandy squeezes through the partially opened door and waves back off the steps as she runs for her car. Kerry closes the door and leans hard against it. She looks up at the ceiling and sighs deeply.


Scene 3

Yes, Kerry, there is a Santa Clausby Peanut41

Kerry loved Christmas the way a poor child loved it -- from the outside looking in, her face pressed against a frosted window, wanting but not having, hoping all the same. She did not normally acknowledge the holiday in her own home. No tree, no lights, no tinsel. But she enjoyed watching, from a distance, as Chicago prepared to make merry. This Christmas Eve was different, though.

As Kerry lit the last of the candles she listened for the doorbell with the nervous excitement of a child listening for sleigh bells. She wore a cashmere turtleneck sweater the color of ripe plums (the saleswoman said it made her eyes look "glorious") and charcoal gray slacks. Her hair was pulled back gently from her face. She surveyed her living room -- the lights dimmed, a fire burning invitingly in the fireplace, candles and pine boughs on the mantle, a plate of sliced pears with bleu cheese on the coffee table -- and felt a pang of doubt. She was suddenly afraid that it all seemed too contrived, too deliberately seductive. She didn't want to put Sandy off but she wanted her to know.... She wanted.... But before Kerry had time to give in to her doubts and extinguish the candles, she heard a soft rapping on the front door.

Sandy's head was lowered and her shoulders raised to shield her face from the bitter Chicago wind. When Kerry opened the door she raised her head up to greet her but was instead rendered speechless. The room behind Kerry shimmered with candlelight and the glow created a kind of halo around Kerry's red hair. It was like angelfire. Sandy stood motionless for several seconds, transfixed, until Kerry nervously spoke.

"Uh, hi Sandy. Come in, come in. You must be freezing."

Sandy stepped into the entryway and glanced beyond Kerry into the living room. This room that she'd been in just a few nights before -- tastefully decorated, warm and comfortable but functional -- had been transformed. Music played softly, the delicious aroma of dinner cooking filled the air. "Oh Kerry, this is so...." Sandy turned to look at Kerry and saw, even in the muted light, a rosy blush coloring Kerry's cheeks. The last word escaped in a sigh. "...beautiful."

Kerry could feel the heat rising in her cheeks and moved behind Sandy to conceal her embarrassment. "Here, let me take your jacket." Sandy unwound the scarf from her neck and shrugged the black leather jacket off her shoulders and into Kerry's hands. Beneath the jacket she wore a crisp white oxford shirt, black jeans and boots. Her mane of curls was held loosely back by a clip near the nape of her neck. "Oh my god," Kerry laughed. "Aren't you cold?" Sandy's grin was playful. "Nah, I'm pretty tough," she responded. "Besides, I'm already feeling much warmer..." Her voice trailed off as Sandy turned and caught Kerry's eyes. The admiration --and desire -- in them was unmistakeable. Now it was her turn to blush. She needed to change the subject, fast.

"Wow, what is that incredible smell?"

"Oh, dinner's almost ready" Kerry was animated with nervous energy. "I hope you like pork. We're having roast pork tenderloins with cranberry-port sauce and green beans with balsamic-shallot butter."

"Sounds wonderful." Sandy was moved by the almost girlish nervousness of this normally supremely confident woman. But then, her own stomach seemed alive with butterflies, too.

"Um, I've got pears here to start." Kerry gestured toward the coffee table. "There's...I have champagne to go with it. But if you'd prefer something else...."

"No, champagne's great." Sandy sat on the couch where Kerry had motioned her to sit and watched as Kerry retreated into the kitchen, calling "I'll be right back" over her shoulder. She returned in less than a minute with a bottle of Vivre Cliquot partially wrapped in a cloth. Only then did Sandy notice that two crystal champagne flutes already stood on either side of the plate of pears.

"Will you do the honors?", Kerry asked as she handed the bottle to Sandy. She sat beside Sandy on the couch, their knees gently touching.

As Sandy poured, they settled into easy conversation about the days that had passed since they'd last seen each other. They seemed to pick up smoothly from where they'd left off the other evening at Francesca's, yet the sexual tension between them was palpable. It had not diminished since Sandy had rushed out of this very room a few nights before, an act that had required every ounce of will she could muster. If anything, her desire was even stronger. The point at which their knees touched seemed supercharged with sensation.

"God, Lopez, check yourself. It's only your third date!", Sandy silently chastised herself. But another, deeper voice asked, "So?"

Sandy was not one to create arbitrary relationship rules like some women that she knew. "No x before the third date. Never y until the sixth date." She would let her heart be her guide. But she also did not take physical intimacy lightly, never had and never would.

From the time that Sandy was a young child her parents had told her that she was a very precious gift and that she should never give the gift of herself to anyone who was not worthy of it. As a little girl, Sandy would imagine herself wrapped in brightly colored paper and ribbons and giggle, having decided that grown-ups were incredibly silly. It wasn't until she had passed through adolescence and grew into an awareness of herself as a sexual being that she truly understood what her parents had been trying to tell her. On the occasion of her 15th birthday, her mother had taken her aside and added that the heart and the body shared a special relationship -- the heart may always be given without the body, but the body must never be given without the heart. Sandy was startled out of her reverie by the sudden realization that her heart was no longer hers to give. She'd lost it weeks ago on a rainy Chicago street. The realization made her smile broadly and the surprised look on Kerry's face told her that she'd actually laughed out loud.

"What...what's so funny?"

The look in Kerry's glorious eyes betrayed a mixture of emotions. Sandy could still see the desire that was so evident earlier. Now she could also see -- what? Self-doubt? Worry? But there was something else, something deeper, the most important look of all, and one that Sandy now knew was mirrored in her own eyes. It was all she needed to see.

"No, it's nothing. It's just that...well, I...later...."

"Later?" Kerry was obviously confused and a little concerned.

Sandy smiled gently, reassuring Kerry with her smile. Kerry's hands were clasped around the stem of her champagne glass and Sandy softly pried one delicate porcelain hand free and raised it to her mouth, lightly brushing her lips along the knuckles. She could feel Kerry shudder, heard her breathing change, each breathe coming faster, shallower. She raised her head to look into Kerry's face. The rosy color had returned to her cheeks but it wasn't the blush of embarrassment. Kerry was beyond the reach of self-consciousness. Sandy leaned forward and picked up a wedge of the sliced pear with her other hand. She raised the fruit to Kerry's mouth and painted her lips with the juice, then lifted her own mouth to meet Kerry's. A moan rose up from deep within Kerry.


When Sandy spoke again her voice was husky but suffused with confidence.

"Yes. Later. I have a gift for you, Kerry."


Scene 4

The Feastby Mangababe

"Yes. Later. I have a gift for you, Kerry."

The look in Sandy’s eyes as the words come tumbling out… sends fingers of warmth spreading throughout Kerry, she nearly gasps as they reach their intended target in her nether regions. we haven’t even gotten to dinner this rate, we may never… before she could formulate a more appropriate verbal response; a bell could be heard coming from the kitchen. …saved by the bell... .

"Ah, that would be dinner," Kerry finally spoke.

"Perfect timing...." the latina said with just a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Kerry rose from the couch, still holding Sandy’s hand. "Kitchen?"

She gave the hand she still held a gentle squeeze and then let go, grabbing her crutch and picking up her glass before heading out of the living room.

Without missing a beat, the firefighter picked up her glass and the bottle and followed the redhead toward the source of the mouth-watering aroma.

"Sandy, could you cap the champagne and put it back on ice...we’ll finish it later..." she said with a single raised eyebrow. "Since the pork has a port-based sauce, I figured we might want to switch to a red for the meal. I hope this will do." Kerry had the most mischievous look in her eye as she turned to face her dinner guest.

She handed Sandy the bottle of wine, which had been standing open on the table. It was a 1997 Kenwood Jack London Cabernet. "um, this will be great, shall I pour?" Sandy smiled to herself, having no real knowledge of wine didn’t stop her from noticing that the meticulous Dr. Weaver had obviously left no small detail unfinished. If she’s this passionate about food... that thought brought a warm flush to Sandy’s cheeks, she turned away slightly to hide the fact that she was blushing furiously.

The townhouse was too small for a formal dining room, so the table in Kerry’s eat-in kitchen had been set with what appeared to be an antique linen tablecloth and fancy china. Candles accompanied a centerpiece of pine boughs and holly. Sandy poured them each a glass of wine and returned the bottle to the table. She turned around to see if there was anything else her host could use help with….and was taken by the appearance that the doc had obviously been in the kitchen for most of the afternoon. The smell of the food now being taken out of the oven took her back to childhood. She always loved those afternoons when all of the women in the family would be gathered in the kitchen making tamales.

"Could you put this on the table?" The sound of a silky smooth voice brought Sandy out of her daydream. As the plates and bowls were passed to her...she filled the remaining space left on the table. The place settings had been arranged so that they sat next to each other across a corner....a much more cozy arrangement than being situated across the greater expanse opposite one another. Smart move, Dr.Weaver.

Once everything was out of the oven...they sat down and proceeded to fill their plates. Before beginning to eat, Sandy offered a simple prayer of thanks for the food and the company. She was feeling rather overwhelmed at this point, to say the least.

The actual meal was simple yet elegant. Pork was a staple of her diet growing up...but she’d never had it prepared in this way. In fact, the food and all the accoutrement taken as a whole, could definitely be classified as a Feast, capital F. Sandy raised her glass, looking directly into the amazing green eyes of her host, "My compliments to the chef..."

By now, the better part of two glasses of wine consumed, Kerry no longer felt self-conscious when she blushed. Alcohol had a tendency to have that effect anyway.

"Thank’s rare that I have the pleasure of cooking for someone other than myself." She said with a huge grin on her face. Kerry couldn’t stop herself....she was beaming from the inside out. First the champagne, then the smoldering kisses, now the appreciative gaze of a gorgeous woman combined with a hearty red wine. yah, I think this is working...

The feisty firefighter had been mildly annoyed that they’d been so rudely interrupted by the dinner bell. Who needed food? All she wanted for dinner was the snack-sized redhead. Yet, this was another side of the good doctor Weaver that she hadn’t been privileged with until now. Strong, smart, sexy, and she can cook. Sandy too, was now happily warmed by the combination of champagne and cabernet. Never had she been party to such a decadent meal.

This was beyond mere sustenance... no ordinary holiday fact this evening added another whole category to her experience.

Ordinary...was eating out with friends at Taqueria San Jose. Good home style food and a couple of cold beers with friends.

Special...was Mama’s hand-made chile relleno’s delivered to your door by your brother after a really shitty day at work.

Extraordinary....well, that was the meal we shared last week at Francesca’s. The atmosphere, the company, and the sexual tension, all helping to elevate dinner at a fancy restaurant into a lovely evening out.

And now tonight...

Even before she got to the table, Sandy had all but surrendered to the assault on her senses. It started with the enticing aromas coming from the kitchen as she walked in the door. Then the opposition of the crisp champagne followed by the redhead's warm lips. It continued with the subtle fusion of flavors in every bite of the feast set before her. There was the feel of the cabernet as it slid gently down and warmed the pit of her stomach; and the sensual growl of Kerry's voice. Sandy had been watching her eat every mouthful....mesmerized by those lips and the graceful movement of muscle under skin in the cords of her neck. Who knew the simple act of eating could be so erotic? Clearly, she was being served seduction on a plate.

The conversation diminished as they worked their way through the meal. Kerry was aware that she was being watched....and tonight, it didn't seem to matter. After all, her plan was working like a charm. I may not know much about picking up women; but I do know the effect a fabulous meal can have on one's libido. She tried not to look too pleased with herself as she sat back in her chair, watching and waiting. When she looked over at Sandy and saw that "comfortably stuffed" look on the latina's beautiful face....her voice broke the silence.

"Dessert?" posed not necessarily as a question....but more like an enticement.

"Oh my God, Kerry. There's more? This meal was're a fantastic cook."

The compliments caused the redhead to blush from head-to-toe. They had finished off the bottle of wine and neither woman was feeling the least bit shy at this point in the evening.

"Sandy, why don't you take the rest of the champagne and our glasses back out to the couch. I have something special for dessert," she said, trying hard not to sound too desperate. The desire that had been smoldering in her belly all through dinner was now threatening to blaze into 5 alarms. Time for something cool and refreshing...yeah, right. Her brain answered back.

"Are you sure there's nothing I can help you with?"

"No, I'm fine....please...go sit by the fire, I'll be in shortly."

Sandy returned to the living room and plopped down onto the couch. Placing the glasses and remainder of the champagne on the coffee table. This is good. Sit. Breathe. Chill. Have some more champagne. She couldn't quite figure out if it was the alcohol or the endorphins that were making her so giddy. Oh well, it doesn't really matter now, does it? She said to herself, more for the benefit of her brain than the rest of her body.

Kerry emerged from the kitchen with what looked like a bowl of ice cream.

She outdid herself on dinner....I’ll cut her a break on dessert. The firefighter was expecting a more lavish treat, keeping with the rest of the meal. Little did she know what Kerry had in store for their dessert.

The small redhead sat down next Sandy, bowl in hand. Turning so that they faced one another, she teased, "I won’t tell you what it is until you taste it...." as she held out a spoonful of ice cream for Sandy. She watched as the firefighter took the spoon into her mouth...very cautiously. Feeding someone else is either incredibly sexy or a horrible disaster. Dr. Weaver was hoping that it would turn out to be the former.

"Kerry! What is this?" the stunned firefighter began to babble, "I’ve never tasted anything like it. Oh. My. God. It's nearly the most amazing thing I’ve ever put in my mouth...second only to....." and then Sandy caught herself. She didn't need to scare off the good doctor with her vulgar and uncensored ramblings.

The ER doc waited half a beat before speaking, then drew out her words as she answered, "It's Häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream doused with a generous pour of Remy Martin VSOP Cognac."

Handing the spoon to Sandy, she whispered, "Second only to what?"

She smiled as the latina squirmed and blushed under her gaze. Knowing that it's rude to talk with your mouth full....Sandy opted for the safety of another spoonful of the decadent dessert.

Kerry watched her as she savored another bite....and then picked up another spoon and took a bite herself. How does one explain the taste? Frozen ecstasy? Orgasm in a bowl? The exquisite look on Sandy’s face said it all. She knew exactly what her dinner companion was thinking, and still, she whispered once again, "...second only to what?" Weaver's voice had dropped to a seductive purr, which seemed to intensify as it made it's way down Sandy's spine.

How am I going to answer that? Sandy said to herself. Me and my big mouth...getting me in trouble again. "uh, can I plead the fifth?" she finally answered sheepishly.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you," Kerry offers. She paused to take a sip of champagne, all the while thinking of course I did... "I'm pretty sure I know exactly what you think this bowl of ice cream is second to." She smiled back at the gorgeous woman sitting there on her couch.

They sat there next to each other, in front of the fire, consuming the edible equivalent of sex in a bowl. The desire they felt for each other was now out in the open and threatening to burst into flame. Sandy put the last spoonful of ice cream into her mouth under the intense gaze of eyes that were now nearly black; the green irises swallowed by the pupils expanding to their farthest reaches. She took the bowl and spoon from their hands and placed them on the table. Reaching up, she ran her fingers along the doctor’s delicate jawline. She could feel a faint vibration as she continued toward Kerry’s lips. Leaning in she finally met those lips in a searing kiss.


Scene 5

First Night - by 42olives

Leaning in she finally met those lips in a searing kiss.

Sandy's lips were so soft on Kerry's own. Their mouths, at first chilled with the sweetness of the ice cream, warmed quickly as their tongues met and touched and explored. Kerry felt Sandy's work roughened hands trace along her jawline with a delicate feather touch, until they brushed the sensitive skin beneath her ears. The tingles that this produced spread down Kerry's body, and combined with the warm glow that the wine had started in her chest. She wrapped her arms around Sandy's waist, pulling her closer until she could feel the firm flat back muscles. Sandy settled closer, and when their breasts finally brushed Kerry felt her shiver and the kiss become a gasp.

As the kiss deepened, Kerry thought the taste of Sandy's mouth changed, there was less of the richness of the Cognac and the sweetness of the ice cream, and more of Sandy's unique personal flavor. Kerry lifted her hands to capture Sandy's cheeks, the softness of the fine down caused a new flow of warmth to cascade down her body. Her roving fingers searched behind the ears and down the strong muscles of the neck, and when they found Sandy's collar they traced the folded edge finally reaching the top button of the shirt. Then with a last teasing pull on Sandy's lower lip, Kerry broke the kiss.

She could feel the heat of the firefighter's skin on the tips of her fingers, and she lifted her gaze to meet Sandy's dark eyes. "Uh, Sandy," asked Kerry in a gravelly squeak, "May I?". Sandy recognized the hesitant tone from the afternoon a month before when the doctor had re-bandaged her hand. So she held Kerry's eyes with her own, nodded and dropped her hands to rest on Kerry's waist. A small smile lifted the corner of the doctor's mouth.

Kerry watched her own fingers unfasten the top button, then the next, then the one between the rise of Sandy's breasts. Then with her thumbs Kerry opened the oxford cloth shirt, revealing a white rib knit tank top and the contrast of the brilliant white of the shirt against Sandy's rich brown skin.

Kerry swallowed and her fingers descended again, undoing several more buttons until she reached the barrier of the waist band of Sandy's black jeans.


Kerry looked up to see Sandy's brilliant smile and mahogany eyes.

"Cariño . My gift to you," Sandy, deliberately unbuttoned the cuffs of her shirt, then she pulled the shirttails from her jeans and neatly tossed the shirt onto the nearby armchair. She turned back to Kerry, "mi corazón ."

"Your heart." Kerry reached up to touch the hot skin of Sandy's chest. "Your heart is my gift." Catching the top curve of the tank top and pulling down to reveal the start of the curve of the breast, Kerry noticed the nipple below firm and swell against the tight fabric.

"May I," Kerry's voice was low and husky, "unwrap it?"

Sandy chuckled. "Oh, yeah."

Kerry pulled the fabric from the jeans and, as Sandy lifted her arms Kerry tugged upward. She gasped at the sight of the café con leche skin before her. She traced the contour of Sandy's collar bone then drew her pale fingers down the breastbone to cup the breast with its mahogany areola and rosy mahogany nipple; it fit perfectly in her hand. Kerry bent to caress the companion breast with tiny kisses; her kisses became wetter as she explored the contours, relishing the silkiness of the skin. Finally her kisses met the stiffened nipple, which she tentatively brushed with her tongue. The nipple felt so good as she covered it with her lips and it seemed to fit as perfectly in her mouth as the breast did in her hand.

Sandy felt the heat build within her body, ignited by the kisses and caresses, and when the Kerry sighed, tickling her nipple, she lifted Kerry's face to her own.

"You're so..." Kerry's words were interrupted by Sandy's hot and hungry mouth. As Sandy pulled her closer she was surprised by the softness of the sweater against her belly, breasts and the insides of her arms. Cashmere for the doctor, she thought as her lips explored the jawline. She caught Kerry's scent which was soft and sweet and very familiar. She kissed her way down Kerry's throat, but when her lips met the top of the plum turtleneck she knew that the sweater had to go.

"Kerry, your sweater..."

"What?" came the reply, in a startled squeak.

"It has to go."


"You have to take it off."


Sandy chuckled, "Kerry, please take off your sweater."

"Oh," Kerry blinked, "oh." Warmed by the wine and the kisses, she gratefully pulled the turtleneck, and the camisole beneath it, from her overheated body. She flung the clothes over the armchair so that they struck a bookshelf across the room and tumbled to the floor in a heap.

Sandy chuckled, "Shhhh, calmate."

After revisiting Kerry's mouth, Sandy renewed her exploration of the tender skin of her throat. As smooth as cream, she thought as she kissed and licked her way across the pale shoulder until she met the strap of Kerry's bra. She followed the path of the strap down, savouring the soft white skin of this woman who was no longer young. As she caught another whiff of the sweet fragrance, Sandy murmured, "You're as sweet and smooth as the ice cream."

Roses, thought Sandy as her tongue traced the edge of the floral lace on the edge of Kerry's bra. The lacey fabric was rough compared to the exquisite softness of the skin next to it. "Roses. You smell like roses, Kerry," when she reached the limit of the lace Sandy stopped, then nuzzled her way across the slick silky fabric of the bra cup, "like the pink roses in Mrs. Marquez's yard in June." She felt the stiffening nub under her lips as she whispered into Kerry's breast.

Kerry felt her arousal building as Sandy, alternately gentle then passionate, caressed and nuzzled her breasts. She pulled Sandy up and kissed her again, deeply, savouring the now entirely personal flavor of her mouth.

Sandy burned with the wonderful feeling of the other woman's hot skin against her own. She slid her hands up the smooth back and deftly unhooked the bra. When she felt Kerry's hot breath moan into her mouth, Sandy pulled back just enough to slip the silky garment from the redhead's body, and delicately tossed it onto the nearby armchair.

Kerry was stunned as she looked down at their breasts so close together that she could feel the heat of the other woman's body.

Sandy bent to nuzzle the breasts again, she circled the areolas with closed lips, smiling as rosy cream flesh wrinkled to greet her. She used her tongue to lap with quick, stiff strokes; never quite touching the most sensitive button of flesh. Then she softened her tongue, licking with longer strokes, occasionally dragging her tongue across stiffened nubs, then sliding away once more.

Kerry arched her back to press her rosy pink nipples closer to the teasing tongue; she felt the hot mouth circle, lick and then suck. As Kerry watched the rich, dark lips make love to her own creamy flesh, she felt the warmth that had been glowing in her belly intensify and spread its glow through her whole body. "Sandy," Kerry growled, "come to my bed with me."

Sandy smiled against the breast when she heard Kerry's low and husky tone, and when she looked up into Kerry's eyes she saw that the black pupils had almost consumed the green. Sandy's dimples deepened, "Lead the way."

Christmas Morning, After

When Kerry woke at first light she felt an unfamiliar warmth in the bed next to her. Sandy. She propped herself on an elbow and admired the high cheekbones, the generous lips, and the subtle dimple in the chin. An errant curl trailed across the pillow where it has strayed from the thick mane of hair, tentatively, with a single finger, Kerry brushed the curl.

How long she lay stroking the curl she didn't know, but after a time she realized that her body had other needs. So Kerry slipped from the bed, reached for her crutch, and made her way to the bathroom. When she returned she found that Sandy had rolled onto her side.

Kerry slid back into bed, she could see the strong back muscles and the curve of the shoulder blades. She slowly and cautiously snuggled closer until finally she was spooning against Sandy's back.

Kerry relished the feeling of Sandy's lean strength and how well they fit together. Then it occurred to Kerry how novel this was, even if it was only one inch, this was the first time that she was taller than a lover. With a small smile on her lips, she nuzzled the curls at the nape of Sandy's neck, cupped a breast in her hand, and then lay still basking in the heat of the body pressed against hers.

When she felt Sandy begin to stir, Kerry gently withdrew and raised up on an elbow to watch the slow ballet as the awakening Sandy rolled onto her back and sinuously stretched her neck. At first Sandy was confused by the scent of roses, then she open her eyes to see the brilliant green gaze, and she smiled.



"Are you...ok." asked Kerry in a rising tone.

"Oh, yeah."

Kerry furrowed her brow trying to remember her duties as a hostess. "Would you like me to cook breakfast?"

Sandy grinned, "Not yet."


She leaned to kiss Kerry, very softly, but deep and wet.

Kerry sighed then reached out to touch the shallow dimple on her lover's chin, "You're so beaut..."

"No, Kerry." Sandy caught the pale right hand in her own darker left one and held them up, palm to palm, for comparison. "Look at us."

Sandy slid her warm brown fingers between the fairer ones, and pulled Kerry's hand close to her mouth so she could kiss the pulse point on cream white wrist, "Look at us."

Then Sandy used her other hand to fold down the comforter a few inches, revealing the contrast of their two bodies snuggled against each other, one pale and one brown, "Look at us."

Kerry freed her hand, and caressed down throat and chest until she came to rest over Sandy's heart. Then Kerry said, "Yes. Look at us. Together we're beautiful."


Some Spanish Words Used in Scene 5

Cariño - darling; honey.
mi corazón - my heart.
café con leche - coffee with milk.
calmate - relax; compose yourself.

Sources: Maria from Monterray, and

(42olives would like to thank her beta reader and editor, trinity.)


Scene 6

Winter Wonderland - by JoeyJo

Sandy and Kerry stroll down the sidewalk along Lake Shore Drive on a pleasantly chilly New Year’s Eve night, both dressed warmly for an outdoor rendezvous. Kerry is clad in form fitting black jeans and a black chenille turtleneck, disguised under a heavy, gray, wool pea coat, a plaid scarf and black gloves. Sandy is equally bundled up in a beige suede jacket with a white, faux-fur lining, a striped scarf and matching gloves over a heavy maroon, cowl-neck sweater and a pair of tight, dark blue jeans. Kerry has a small bag draped over her right forearm, while Sandy clings tightly to a thick, thermal blanket folded under her left arm. The stylish pair ambles down the sidewalk arm in arm, chit chatting about the evening’s events.

As they walk, Sandy admits, “This has been a really great night so far. Dinner was great, dessert was even better and now the infamous Navy Pier fireworks.”

Kerry strengthens her grip around Sandy’s firm, sexy, outreached arm, and asks, “So, you really enjoyed Leona’s? It was a little more casual than our last dinner date, but it did turn out to be quite nice.”

Sandy slyly inches her way closer to nuzzle up against Kerry’s side as they walk, she replies, “It was great…there’s nothing like spaghetti, garlic bread and Kahlua and Coffee to warm up a cold winter’s evening. Oh, and a certain fiery redhead isn’t half bad at heating things up herself.”

Kerry, slightly blushing, demands, “Sandy, stop…I am getting embarrassed.” Kerry wrestles with the bag, “You know, this thing is really starting to get heavy.”

Sandy immediately interrupts, “Come on, would you please just let me carry it already. You are so stubborn.” Sandy reaches for the tightly sealed bag Kerry is struggling to keep control of as it swings from her crutch-toting arm. But before Sandy can grab it, Kerry whips the bag in the opposite direction to keep her from getting a hold of it.

Kerry instantly, yet playfully, commands Sandy to stop in her tracks. “I am warning you, do not even try to take this bag from me. It is a surprise. Just be patient, you will find out soon enough.”

Sandy responds teasingly, “You are no fun. Can’t I just have a little hint? Something to hold me over?

Rather abruptly, Kerry just stops walking. Sandy is somewhat startled and almost trips at the sudden halt.

With a concerned look, Sandy asks, “What is the matter?”

Kerry replies, “Nothing. I just decided to give you a little hint. Then maybe you will stop bugging me for a little while and we can finish our walk. I stopped because I couldn’t give you this hint in mid-stride.” Kerry flashes Sandy a sort of half wink- kind of awkward and Kerryesque, yet effective.

A big smile overtakes Sandy’s bewitching face as she implores, “So are you going to give me the hint or do I have to beg?”

Kerry contemplates the appeal of getting to see Sandy beg, but stops her roaming mind before it distracts her from the moment.

Sandy keeps at it, “Hello…Kerry? Are you still here…?”

Before Sandy can even finish her question, Kerry dissolves the futile words as she tenderly grazes Sandy’s sumptuous lips with her own. Kerry then slowly pulls away from the passionate peck, releasing the subtle suction.

“There…there you go. That was your hint. Now will you stop bugging me about the bag?”

Kerry waits patiently, with an almost conquering look in her eyes, for Sandy’s response.
Sandy is still standing there in front of Kerry with her eyes closed. Finally, she lifts her lids to reveal her penetrating bronze peepers.

Sandy looks up at Kerry with an obvious twinkle in her eyes, and exclaims, “Wow…we better get walking. If that was just a hint, I can’t wait to see what the real surprise is!”

After a good ten minutes of walking, Sandy and Kerry finally arrive at an unrivaled firework gazing area.

Kerry stops at a particular place and questions her firefighter, “Sandy, what about this spot right here? Looks like a good view of the lake and the pier. We should be able to see the fireworks pretty good from here. What do you think?”

Already unfolding the blanket from under her arm and spreading it out, Sandy confidently replies, “This is perfect Kerry, and it looks like it will be pretty private, too.”

Sandy finishes spreading the blanket out on the ground for her and Kerry to sit on. In the meantime, Kerry busily tends to the mystery bag as she places it in a secure location, out of Sandy’s suspicious reach.

Sandy stands, beholding the stunning view of the brightly lit Navy Pier down the coastline from them. “I guess we stayed at Leona’s a little longer than we had anticipated, huh? It’s already 11:40- only 20 more minutes until it is 2002. It is so exciting,” Sandy babbles, as if thinking out loud.

Kerry then summons Sandy to join her on the blanket, “Sandy, would you care to join me on this fabulous thermal blanket for two?”

Sandy answers in her best English accent, “Why of course, Dr. Weaver…it would be an honor.”

Sandy walks over to the blanket and Kerry reaches up and seizes Sandy’s left hand, then proceeds to carefully pull her down next to her.

“Since it is almost midnight, and one of the surprises I have we can’t enjoy until exactly midnight, I figured we could open the bottle of champagne I brought,” Kerry timidly announces.

“That sounds like a good idea to me,” Sandy says, following Kerry’s lead.

Kerry reaches into her bag, and pulls out a bottle of Vintage 1988, Krug Champagne, two delicately fluted crystal glasses, and a corkscrew.

Confidently, yet somewhat embarrassed by her champagne expertise, Kerry boasts, “This is one of my favorites. I love it because it is dry yet has a subtle sweetness to it. It is really crisp and elegant- and rightfully so in the true ‘M`ethode Champenoise.’ Well anyway, before I say too much, I really think you will enjoy it. Would you like to do the honors?”

Sandy nods, and Kerry hands her the bottle and the corkscrew as she holds onto the glasses.

Still reeling from Kerry’s captivating French ramblings, Sandy proceeds to open the bottle of champagne. “Well I am glad I am good for something here,” Sandy adds as she handles the opening with great care and ease. Sandy continues by pouring equal, yet generous, amounts into each of the glasses held lightly in Kerry’s delicate hands.

“Well, since I am saving the other surprise for midnight, I guess it would be fitting to make a toast now,” Kerry explains in order to maintain the uniqueness of her surprise.

“So are you asking me to do the honors, Dr. Weaver?” Sandy asks almost rhetorically.

Nervously, Kerry responds, “Yes…if you would like to.”

Sandy scoots in closer, until she is sitting directly across from Kerry and their knees are just barely touching. Sandy raises her glass, and begins, “Tonight I am toasting you, Kerry Weaver. This is for all of the great times we have had so far and for all of the great ones to come.”

Kerry, boasting a terrific smile, raises her glass to meet Sandy’s and the sound of the crystal clinking together is like happy raindrops falling into a puddle. They both smile and then sip the Vintage Krug from their glasses. The anticipation and excitement between the two is obvious, yet they both hold back and digress into small talk.

Sandy looks at her watch and discovers that it is already 11:52. She notifies Kerry, “Only eight more minutes until 2002. Are you going to tell me about the surprise now?”

Kerry hesitates for a moment and then pulls out a small Tupperware container from the bag. Sandy has a quizzical look on her face as she eyes the opaque dish.

“You brought Tupperware…wow, I AM surprised,” Sandy adds in her usual sarcastic mode.

“No, I didn’t just bring Tupperware, I brought twelve seedless, red grapes for us,” Kerry reassures Sandy.

A wide, exquisite smile runs across Sandy’s face at that very moment, as she realizes what Kerry is doing.

Kerry continues, hardly able to contain her happiness, “It is actually a Spanish custom, where they eat twelve grapes at midnight to ensure prosperity and good luck for the New Year.”

“Kerry, that is so sweet…we used to do that when we were kids,” Sandy responds, obviously touched by Kerry’s sentimental gesture.

Kerry further personalizes her surprise by adding, “And the other reason for the grapes is because they are round. I know that sounds strange, but in a lot of different cultures, eating round foods at midnight symbolizes the ending of one year and the seamless beginning of the next.”

Sandy adds, with a hint of surprise and sweet intoxication, “I am not sure what to say. That is so…I am really at a loss for words. You never cease to amaze me, Kerry,”

“Well I just figured, since this is the start of a new year…and maybe the start of an “us,” it felt right for it to be seamless and filled with prosperity and good luck,” replied Kerry.

Sandy is beaming from ear to ear. “That is so sweet, Kerry!” Then Sandy looks down, sheepishly, and notices the time on her watch. “…Oh wait, it is 11:59, one minute until 2002. I am so glad that I am beginning the year with you.”

“Wait, if you listen carefully you can hear them counting down over at the pier,” Kerry adds excitedly.

Kerry and Sandy huddle closely together on the blanket as subtle warmth radiates from the excitement and anticipation between them.

Down the lake, they hear, “20, 19, 18, 17, 16…10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Happy New Year!!”

The fireworks from down the lake sound and light up the night sky. The view is spectacular and Sandy and Kerry look up in awe at the wonderment. Then they both look down at each other, noticing the magnificent reflection of the fireworks in the other’s eyes.

Sandy puts her arms around Kerry’s shoulders, leans forward then plants a sweet, enticing kiss upon her soft lips. She pulls away slowly, looks into Kerry’s hypnotic green eyes and tells her, “Feliz Ano Nuevo, mi amor.”

“Happy New Year, Sandy,” replies Kerry, still completely captivated by Sandy’s majestic kiss and irresistible accent.

“So now that it is midnight, we should probably eat the grapes. You know for good luck and everything.” Sandy grabs the Tupperware container and opens the lid, revealing twelve delectable grapes. She continues, “Here, let me give you the first one to try.” Sandy reaches across the blanket, and teasingly holds the glistening grape in front of Kerry’s reddening lips. She waits a second, and then slowly slides the grape over Kerry’s lips and into her accepting mouth.

As Kerry finishes chewing the luscious fruit, she motions to Sandy, “Now it is your turn. Here, move in a little closer.”

As the words trail off, Sandy and Kerry notice that it has begun to lightly snow. The snowflakes glisten in the midnight sky as flashes of color shimmer off of the crystals.

“What a beautiful night. I could stay in this moment forever,” Kerry muses.

“So could I…so how about that grape?” Sandy prods.

“Oh yeah, your turn.” Kerry takes the second grape from the container and positions it next to Sandy’s ravishing mouth. “Here, try this,” Kerry insists, as she slips the grape easily into Sandy’s mouth.

“Thank you so much for everything Kerry. This is the best New Year’s I have ever had.”

At that, Kerry again leans forward to softly nuzzle the lips of her lover.

The use of words is no longer necessary, as the two beautiful women transcend into blissful intimacy.

Sandy tenderly places her right hand onto the side of Kerry’s creamy face. She allows the space between her thumb and first finger to fit perfectly around Kerry’s lower ear. Sandy leans in and meticulously kisses every inch of Kerry’s smooth neck.

Kerry feels the tingle of goose bumps under her sweater and an encompassing flush throughout her body, as Sandy progressively devours every part of her vulnerable, exposed skin.

Sandy slowly leans backwards to lie gently on the blanket- allowing Kerry to fall gently down on top of her.

Sandy and Kerry, completely enraptured, roll passionately together on the blanket, completely immersed in their feelings of lust and desire.

The tiny, flawless snowflakes relinquish any chance for survival as they fall to their liquid fate on the rapidly warming bodies of Kerry and Sandy. The two passionately kiss and caress, and become completely engulfed in the sheer power of the moment. The hum of new beginnings and optimistic conversations echo in the background, while the Chicago wind whistles ever so slightly and the crystal snowflakes continue their vain attempts to blanket the enchanted lovers. Kerry and Sandy remain oblivious to the outside world, completely lost in their own winter wonderland…


Scene 7

Getting To Know You - by Nyackgirl

New Year's Day had never been particularly spectacular for Sandy. In her younger (and wilder) days she usually awoke with a hangover, feeling anything but enthusiastic about a new page on the calendar. But in recent
years she was almost always greeted by the clanging alarms in the firehouse. New Year's was always a big night for crazy drunks pulling false alarms, or for crazy drunks doing something stupid with a candle or a cigarette left
burning in an ashtray. For as long as she could remember she had volunteered to work double shifts during the holidays so that the guys with kids could be home with their families. So it was very different for her to call in a favor and trade shifts for New Year's Eve and January 1st, 2002. She was glad to wake up in a different place, in Kerry's place, this New Year's Day.

Opening her eyes and reaching over a pile of soft Egyptian cotton, she found her lover sleeping soundly, her head turned towards Sandy. Sandy was taken by how close she felt to this mysterious woman. There was so much they
didn't know about each other. And, uncharacteristically, Sandy found herself wanting to know more. She generally wasn't one to fall too fast or too far. That had proven to be a huge mistake in the past.

She gave into the urge to lean forward and kiss Kerry gently on her forehead. This elicited a soft groan and some stirring beneath the covers. Sandy felt a rush as Kerry's hand made contact with her hip. Kerry moved closer,
still seemingly asleep as she nuzzled Sandy's neck.

"Hmmmm", Kerry sighed. "Hey you … sleepyhead …", Sandy whispered softly. Kerry was still again, clearly having found a comfortable position against her lover's golden velvet skin. Again Sandy urged, a bit louder, "Excuse me, Doctor … don't start something you're not prepared to finish." Kerry moaned and rolled onto her back as Sandy persisted. “Hello in there … I’m waiting …”

This prompted a reaction from Kerry. She raised her face towards Sandy and through squinted eyelids she teased, "Waiting?” her sleepy voice cracked. “Waiting for what?”

Sandy continued in a coy, sexy tone, "Oh, sorry, my mistake. I guess I was wrong. I just thought that your hand on my hip and the way you were pressing into my thigh … well … how silly of me!"

Kerry let out a laugh and eased herself over on top of Sandy. "Beautiful Sandy", she thought, "where did you come from?" Kerry stared into those copper eyes for what seemed like quite awhile.

"A penny for your thoughts", Sandy interrupted.


"I said, a penny for your thoughts."

"Oh … I was just thinking about … uh …"

Sandy persisted, "Uh????"

"Uh … ice fishing."

"Oh! Of course! And what else?"

"And, let's see … about all the laundry I have to do. And how I really want to look for new curtains for the kitchen …"

Sandy smiled broadly, a low, sexy chuckle coming from her throat … "Wow! Sounds like quite a New Year's Day you have planned! It's amazing, what goes on in that beautiful head of yours."

"Actually I was thinking about you. I was thinking, 'how did this happen? where did you come from?'"

"As I recall I came flying through the air to save your life one rainy night!"

Kerry, feigning sudden recollection, says, "Oh yeah! That's where I remember you from!"

Their shared burst of laughter subsides as they look deeply at one another. Sandy breaks the gaze saying, "What about you? Where did you come from? I find it hard to believe you haven't been scooped up long ago by some
glamorous woman."

Kerry smiles shyly, and looks away. Sandy picks up on this, but presses on with her kidding anyway.

"I'll bet there have been quite a few, Dr. Weaver. I just wonder how many! Hmmmm. Let me guess. Five, ten, three hundred?"

Kerry laughs, but feels herself stiffen, "How about some coffee?"

"Come on, Kerry. Give it up. Tell me about the last one." Sandy rolls onto her back, laughing and staring at the ceiling, with no idea how close she’s getting to sensitive territory, "I'll bet she was tall and blonde and gorgeous …"

Kerry stops Sandy abruptly by cupping her chin, "Ya' know, I'm sure there's something more interesting we could be doing."

Sandy notices the doctor's furrowed brow, "Hey, I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Don't get so worked up!"

Kerry scowls, "It's not as if I know everything about your past. In fact, I don't know much of anything."

The tone between the two is starting to get chilly. Sandy replies, "Kerry, I made a joke. That's all. What's the big deal?"

Kerry sits up in the bed, pulling the sheets to her neck. "OK, fine, a joke. I'm just not crazy about talking about my personal life, that's all." "Gee … sorry", a sarcastic Sandy retorts, "I guess I thought we were on a fairly 'personal' level here."

Kerry looks down, softening a bit. "I'm sorry, Sandy. Really. I am. I'm just not used to …" she reaches and strokes Sandy's cheek, "… I'm not used to any of this."

Sandy pauses for what feels like a long while, then she speaks, "I'm not either. I'm not much for getting involved …. and I usually like to keep the focus on the other person so that I don't have to talk about myself." She pauses again. "That's hard for me to admit."

Kerry turns towards Sandy, touching her bare, beautiful arm with her index finger. She traces the curve from her bicep across her shoulder and up her neck as if she's lost there. "Well, I'm glad you admitted it to me." She pauses, slowly, almost slyly, considering her next comment. "And by the way … I'm sure you've broken a few hearts in your day."

Sandy is pensive now. Leaning over to Kerry, she kisses her lightly on the lips. "Well, I don't know about that. I've always been a one woman kind of
a girl."

Kerry tries to lighten up the mood once more. "Oh reeeealllly." She draws the word out into extra syllables. "You'll have to tell me all about that …."

Sandy stares quietly across the room. She draws a breath. A long breath …as if to prepare for some major undertaking. Her tone is serious as she looks back at Kerry, directly into her eyes. "Actually, I'd like to. I'm not sure why, but I'd like to." She paused before continuing, "Her name was Anna. We lived together … or tried to …
for almost five years."

Kerry saw the sadness sweep across Sandy's face and replied, "I'm sorry. It sounds like it ended badly."

Sandy begins to choke a bit, not quite fighting tears, but close. "You could say that. I tried to hang in there, but I couldn't. I thought I could help her … change her … but I couldn't." Sandy pauses, staring at the covers then forces a thin smile as she looks at Kerry, "What it boiled down to is this …she loved her cocaine more than she loved me."

Kerry, shocked, struggling for words, overwhelmed by her desire to console her lover … "Oh Sandy … Sandy baby, that must have been tough … I mean … really tough for you …"

By now the tears are welling up in Sandy's eyes, on the verge of flowing over, then rolling across her soft cheek and onto the pillow. "Yeah, sure … it was tough, but it was tougher for Anna. One day I came home and she’d OD’d. It was a mess. I got her to the hospital just in time.” Her voice becomes faint, practically lost in the air between the women. “They saved her … and she got into rehab. She wanted to fix everything … to try again, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

“Oh Sandy …” Kerry couldn’t find the words. She wanted to find them, but she couldn’t.

“It’s OK. Really. I’ve tried to be very careful since then. It was a lot for a 25-year old to deal with.” Her voice cracks again, betraying her attempt to regain her composure. “So I don’t let many people in, ya know? I just try to keep moving, and live my life as honestly as I can.” Now the tears well up again. Kerry reaches under the covers and pulls Sandy close to her. Sandy responds immediately, burying her head against Kerry's chest. She lets the tears
flow now. And flow freely. For the first time in a long, long time she feels close to another human being. She feels free. And so they lay together, the two women, for a long, long time. Close and warm, Kerry quietly stoking Sandy's soft curls.


Scene 8

An Organ of Fire - by Piney

(All in italics from The English Patient, by Michael Ondaatje)

“How does this happen? To fall in love and be disassembled?”

Kerry kisses Sandy on the lips softly and adjusts herself in Sandy’s arms to kiss her again with a fuller voice. This kiss is a message of caring and compassion. Sandy’s heart composes her own message of love and desire and their silent exchange becomes a song sung in round. Kerry pulls off her shirt and tugs at Sandy’s. “Let me open the bed.” Kerry ignores the intrusion and takes a breath before kissing her again. Sandy reaches blindly for the cotton blanket on the back of the couch and spreads it in one motion onto the floor in front of the fire. They roll easily off the couch and Sandy rolls them again to bring Kerry under her in the center of the blanket.


Kerry stands just a few yards inside Second City Video, frozen before the thousands of videos and DVDs in row upon row of tall shelves filling the room and lining the walls. She wishes for a moment that she had offered to bring dessert and had left the choice of tonight’s movie to Sandy. Choosing the film is always a risky venture not to be undertaken by the insecure. Kerry knows the vein pattern on the back of Sandy’s hands, yet she can only guess at her taste in movies. She is starting to measure time in terms of before Sandy and after, as if the magnetic poles of her life had suddenly reversed with that event. Her preoccupation follows her wherever she goes. Kerry heads for the section marked “Drama.”

ENCHANTED APRIL--“Two repressed English women rekindle life and love in succulent Italy with the help of an exhausted beauty and a dour matriarch.” Kerry smiles, remembering the movie as hopeful and satisfying. Something about the story appeals to her--two women leaving their cold and circumscribed lives for warmth and a new perspective on life. She is only aware of her desire for a warmer climate in January. We all want to be in Southern Italy now, she tells herself. She puts the film and the subject of repression aside and wonders if Sandy would prefer an action movie.

ALIENS--“In this sequel to the classic ‘Alien’, Ripley returns to space to discover the fate of a colony thought to have discovered an Alien nursery and finds a child in need.” Sandy probably OWNS this movie, Kerry laughs. A courageous woman hero saving innocent lives. Sandy IS Ripley! Kerry both admires and resents Sandy’s strength and openness but insists her own circumstances are unique and her position demands privacy. She recalls Sandy’s tears as she opened her heart to talk about Anna. How could she gladly receive Sandy’s vulnerability and offer none of her own? She frowns and shakes her head then looks up to see if she is still alone in the aisle. To talk about Kim is to admit she is hiding. Would it matter to Sandy? Just a little more time! She covers her guilt with a stubborn resolve and puts the DVD back on the shelf.

THE ENGLISH PATIENT--“A powerful study of love, longing, and loss in war torn Italy and the African desert.” “Half my days I cannot bear not to touch you. The rest of the time I feel it doesn’t matter if I ever see you again. It isn’t the morality, it is how much you can bear.” Kerry recalls the opening scene. A small plane flies freely over the sun-drenched desert playing in light and shadow. She had been touched on first viewing, by the beautiful story of love and limits; The tragic recounting of loss. “All that is alive is the knowledge of future desire and want.” She stands quietly staring at the DVD, pretending to read and feeling herself harden. What if she were to allow this love and this longing for Sandy to take her somewhere she can’t go? Kerry is hoping to shape the relationship to fit her life. I just need more time! She is not ready to shape her life to fit the relationship. “From now on I believe the personal will forever be at war with the public. If we can rationalize this we can rationalize anything.” Kerry takes “The English Patient” to the counter.


Kerry’s cool white skin is soft and forgiving under Sandy’s hand. Delicate resilience lies under her hips and against her breasts. Their kisses are slow and deep. One kiss builds upon the next until passion runs ahead to make way for the coming tenderness. The fire has burned to a glow and flicker but the heat stored in the old brick radiates against their still cool skin. Sandy’s weight presses the sensations deep within Kerry, from front and back, until it meets in the middle, stoking her desire. Sandy’s need races to the feel of muscle, bone, and longing beneath her. Her rich caramel skin brings contrast to the tangle of curves and angles their bodies form as a piece of living art. Kerry slides her long fingers through Sandy’s thick brown hair.


Sandy hurries into the small grocery. It is her schedule that has forced their dinner date to be reduced to dessert and a movie; She doesn’t want to be late. “Hi Mrs. Lee,” she calls to the shop owner as she rushes toward the vegetable aisle. Strawberries. They are off-season but these from Mexico are plump and red. They remind her of the color of Kerry’s cheeks when she blushes. Pound cake. She moves quickly to the bakery rack that is filled daily by an artisan baker she knows; The bread is always fresh and simple and she wants to live in a world where people still bake. One small butter cake remains. She remembers another time she shopped for cake and berries. Her memory of Anna is not so painful now that Kerry fills her thoughts. She moves to the dairy aisle holding the cake in one hand along with the berries. Whipped cream is the last thing on her list. She looks into the cold case at cans of pressurized cream lined up next to small boxes of heavy whipping cream. One eyebrow lifts to help her decide if she should whip her own or indulge herself with the dispenser. She laughs at what is on her list of reasons for the dispenser, grabs a tall can, and starts toward the checkout. What if Kerry is allergic to strawberries? She slows to a thoughtful stop. What if she doesn’t like strawberries? She stands in the cookie aisle with dessert filling both hands as she weighs the value of time-worn knowing against fresh new mysteries. She moves again after resolving to learn everything there is to know about Kerry Weaver. She will have to make Kerry trust her. What could be so awful that she couldn’t share it with me? She wonders how she came to trust Kerry. Was it her courage? Her compassion? That kind of character, the kind she showed at that accident scene, can’t be faked. Maybe it is just the insanity of falling in love. Trust is everything.


Sandy’s strong, firm body draws a long continuous curve from her shoulder through the slope of her back over the plump rise at her buttocks to rise again at her thigh, and calf. The undulating line of smooth burnished skin is bounded above by the glow of the fire and below by Kerry’s porcelain form. The curve of Kerry’s breast peeks out below Sandy’s as she presses against Kerry’s heart. Their breathing is becoming hurried, competing for the same air in the little space between them. Their flowing curves move and realign as Kerry pulls Sandy tightly to her, hands extended, fingertips kneading skin over muscle, warm on the fire side and cool away. Should I say it? Kerry flashes silently. It seems the time but the words are too big to escape her throat. Those words that need to come before “I want you.” Kerry is feeling love well up in her along with the heat in her hips lying squarely under Sandy’s. She slides her hands to Sandy’s full round cheeks and presses and pulls in rhythm with Sandy’s slow orbit. It would be so easy to let go. To lose herself completely in this moment of beauty with Sandy. She cares so deeply. If not now, when?


“Hi.” Sandy smiles broadly at the sight of Kerry at her door. Sandy becomes fearless after seeing her eyes anew. Kerry greets her with a kiss on the cheek, still shy, still unassuming. Past feeling like a guest, Kerry tosses her coat over a chair and follows Sandy into the kitchen. Kerry loves strawberries. Sandy hasn’t seen “The English Patient.” They fill their plates with cake and berries and little mounds of whipped cream. When the kettle sounds, Kerry makes the tea while Sandy loads the movie, places a log on the fire and lowers the lights. They eat and watch silently. Exquisite, ephemeral life plays out before them on the screen. The plates are empty by the time the two lovers in the movie share their first touch. Kerry moves to snuggle against Sandy in the corner of the couch. True love is rare and it is a treasure that cannot always be protected. By the time the movie’s lovers are separated and filled with longing, Kerry is lying in Sandy’s arms. When one lover is lost, Kerry is wetted by Sandy’s tears and feels her heart grow another size to absorb Sandy and her oversized compassion. At the end, Sandy is still holding Kerry close with her face snuggled into Kerry’s fine hair. “A love story is not about those who lose their heart but about those who find that sullen inhabitant who, when it is stumbled upon, means the body can fool no one, can fool nothing—not the wisdom of sleep or the habit of social graces. It is a consuming of oneself and the past.” A click of the remote stops the movie and shuts off the TV. They lie quietly for a while resting from the sadness and sifting truth from one writer’s vision. Finally, Kerry turns slowly in Sandy’s arms to face her and look into her wet and expressive brown eyes, filled with emotion—an indistinguishable mix of love and sadness. Kerry pulls up to kiss her softly.


Sandy kisses Kerry’s neck with big soft bites. Kerry attempts to respond in kind but loses Sandy to her breasts and again she considers letting her mind disengage. Sandy nuzzles and suckles each eager nipple in turn, lifting Kerry’s excitement with her own. She pauses to watch Kerry melt into the weave of the blanket beneath them. She finds the look she is hoping for and feels herself slipping. The motion and the rhythm of their bodies together is drawing her into a slow sensual hypnosis. She adds another rhythm as she enters Kerry and draws more circles deep within her. Kerry’s response takes her from the now into the ever. Her mind blurs with the last thoughts fading as an echo far away. Does she love me? It doesn’t matter. Do I love her? Her answer, unspoken, comes as an overwhelming ache and longing that this rhythm and this bliss cannot satisfy.

Kerry’s eases into the trance of Sandy’s touch. Feeling Sandy on her, in her, engulfing her, she becomes lost. The heat of their bodies bursts bright into the shadowed room, shaming the dying fire in the hearth. Their movements join as one in concert with their hearts for a long rare moment. The burning spreads from their hips to their toes and roasts them hot and full for long seconds. Their hearts simmer and steep in the warmth and the wonder. Curves blend and twist into a full rapture until they become still life again. The moment controls the air in the room, letting each woman take and give what she needs, raggedly, as their bodies peak and ease.

It is quiet except for the rise and fall of breath still paying the debt of their passion. “Are you OK?” Sandy whispers between breaths. The fire pops for the last time.
Kerry breathes out slowly, still in the wash of release, “Yeah, are you?”
“Uh-huh. Come here.” Sandy rolls on her back and pulls Kerry to rest on her chest, arms around her; Kerry hugs her across her ribs. They are finding their way back to where all the old rules still apply: Love is not safe. Hearts can still be shattered by accident if not intent.

“There are betrayals in war that are childlike compared with our human betrayals during peace. The new lover enters the habits of the other. Things are smashed, revealed in new light. This is done with nervous or tender sentences, although the heart is an organ of fire.” The distance back is shorter each time they lose themselves. They are growing together even though words of promise and commitment have not been spoken. Assurances still need to be begged, or certain knowledge obtained. Perhaps love will overcome them and take them by force alone. Trust is everything.


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