100 Reasons Why We Can't Get Enough of Kerry & Sandy

Sparks flew in “Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain”; Dr. Weaver was captivated by the firefighter, and so were we.

In“Quo Vadis?” there was enough chemistry in the hand-check scene to start a fire.

In “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, we were curious as hell when Kerry took Sandy home on their first date.

Their playful snoring in “Beyond Repair” warmed our hearts.

Their break-up in “A River In Egypt” broke our hearts.

But we were overjoyed when they finally let “Bygones” be bygones.

And when the truth in “The Letter” became too overwhelming, Sandy was right there by Kerry’s side.

These are just a few of the reasons why we are hooked on Kerry and Sandy. The Sandynistas present you with 100 reasons why we can’t get enough of Kerry Weaver and her Intimate Firefighter Friend.




1. Because Sandy did do Kerry a favor.
2. Because Sandy saved Weaver's life.
3. Because "She's a smart, solid girl with a big heart -- and she's really cool." (Lisa Vidal on Sandy Lopez)
4. Because Sandy agreed to go ice fishing.
5. Because Sandy is "The hot one" and was smart enough to ignore Chuny's cousin Rico.
6. Because Sandy looks so good the morning after, in her boxers and tank top!
7. Because she can put out Kerry's fires like no one else!
8. Because Sandy's the only one with the huevos to tell Kerry to "cut the crap".
9. Because they're sexy as hell together!
10. Because Sandy is irresistible!
11. Because Sandy shows Kerry how to Live A Little.
12. Because Sandy makes Kerry smile.
13. Because Sandy makes Kerry laugh.
14. Because Kerry is no longer avoiding.
15. Because sparks flew the night they met.
16. Because they're even sexier when wet!
17. Because Sandy encourages Kerry.
18. Because Sandy "likes a take-charge kind of woman".
19. Because Sandy "ain't got time" for anybody but Kerry.
20. Because they are so cute together.
21. Because Kerry is now "on base".
22. Because Sandy was Kerry's reason to "get a life".
23. Because in “Quo Vadis?” Kerry broke the land speed record so she could catch up with Sandy and then act nonchalant.
24. Because who better to "Rescue Me" than a firefighter?
25. Because Kerry is drawn to and needs Sandy right now.
26. Because Sandy is smart, she communicates and is beautiful.
27. Because Sandy can jingle-bell rock.
28. Because you have to love a girl in uniform.
29. Because you have to love a girl out of uniform.
30. Because Sandy was into doing "something".
31. Because Sandy knows what she wants.
32. Because Kerry says Sandy can have whatever she wants.
33. Because Sandy isn't going to let Kerry forget she said the above.
34. Because, unlike Kerry, Sandy is very good at the follow-up.
35. Because Sandy can joke about not liking doctors. Flirt, flirt, flirt.
36. Because Sandy is just one of the guys. NOT.
37. Because Sandy knows where to find Kerry.
38. Because Sandy can "be touched."
39. Because firefighters "Do it hotter."
40. Because Sandy can both start fires and put them out.
41. Because Sandy can impersonate "snoring like a truck driver".
42. Because who but Sandy can get Kerry into a pillow fight?
Because Sandy makes Kerry giggle.
44. Because Sandy got Kerry pregnant.
45. Because Sandy is Kerry's favorite "pain in the ass."
46. Because Sandy and Kerry both have basically the same job - they put out fires.
47. Because Sandy is a great kisser!
48. Because Sandy kissed Kerry in the ER.
49. Because Kerry kissed back.
50. Because Sandy “lives her life without apology.”
51. Because they disappeared under the covers together.
52. Because Kerry thinks a flashing pink puck would be a good idea.
53. Because Sandy doesn't believe in a flashing pink puck.
54. Because Sandy stands up and face the hardship everyday.
55. Because Kerry loves Sandy.
56. Because Sandy loves Kerry.
57. Because ever since the kiss in Bygones Kerry has been wearing a firefighter pendant.
58. Because Sandy is a direct and no-nonsense kind of girl.
59. Because Sandy does not pretend to be something that she's not.
60. Because Sandy makes Kerry sees the truth.
61. Because Sandy makes Kerry happy.
62. Because Sandy was missing and needed Kerry.
63. Because Kerry chased Sandy down.
64. Because Kerry "was worried" about Sandy.
65. Because they made out in the streets of Chicago.
66. Because Sandy got Kerry to go to a hockey game.
67. Because Kerry needs Sandy to explain the hockey game.
68. Because Kerry got Sandy to go home with her on their first date.
69. Because they went to Barbados together.
70. Because Kerry chipped her tooth doing who knows what with Sandy in Barbados.
71. Because Sandy warmed Kerry's "cold feet."
72. Because Sandy is really "the one."
73. Because Kerry and Sandy are devoted to each other.
74. Because Sandy was supportive when Kerry lost a friend.
75. Because Sandy changed her shift to spend time with Kerry.
76. Because Kerry came on to Sandy.
77. Because Sandy flirted outrageously with Kerry across the suture table.
78. Because they gazed longingly at each other through the ambulance window in PCCOR.
79. Because they're Primetime TV's first lesbian success story!
80. Because Kerry "stopped fighting her feelings".
81. Because Sandy is "appealingly butch".
83. Because Sandy has an irresistible smile.
84. Because Sandy knows exactly how Kerry wants her coffee...after lovemaking.
85. Because Kerry had the guts to ask Sandy out.
86. Because Sandy accepted.
87. Because Sandy wouldn't let Kerry off the hook for not calling for the date.
88. Because Kerry drops everything she's doing, including working on critical patients, whenever Sandy walks into the ER.
89. Because Sandy makes Kerry a better person.
90. Because Kerry brought Sandy with her to the Lava Lounge.
91. Because Kerry snatched Sandy's keys so she couldn't get away from her.
92. Because Kerry can make Sandy melt.
93. Because they are both strong women.
94. Ah, because they're starting a family.
95. Because they are so different.
96. Because they are so alike.
97. Because Sandy is so good at flying tackles in the rain.
98. Because Sandy is so good cuddling tackles under the bedcovers.
99. Because they are beautiful together, peaches and cream together with café con leche.
100. Because they are the most intriguing couple on television.



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